Monday Morning LinkBlogging

Be sure to update your links: Christopher Butcher, one of my top must-reads, has moved his site, upgraded to WordPress, and changed his feed address.

Guy LeCharles Gonzalez is launching a new column series on marketing fundamentals. The first edition doesn’t have much information, instead introducing the idea, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for future editions, because this looks to be fascinating and essential information.

Reading Ami’s IM-like text makes me feel old, but I totally agree with her points about what boys really mean when they say they want geek girls.

I keep hearing that we dun exist. That there are no gamer girls. But what these guys mean are that there no gamer girls that fit THEIR fantasy. >:|

What they want isn’t a girl who shares their interests, or knows as much about comics as them, or who plays video games. What they MEAN is that they want a girl who is

a) attractive

b) like a “normal” silly girl

c) is INTERESTED in everything they like, but has less knowledge than them

A guy who isn’t willing to deal with women as they exist, not as they fantasize about them, isn’t ready for a girlfriend, or even a girl friend, anyway. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what turns you on or what your ideal would be… but you have to compromise and learn and grow together when dealing with real humans. And realize that most pictures are airbrushed. If you want a geek girl who’s also beautiful, what are you doing to be a geek guy who’s also a hunk, hmmm?

Thom jumps off from Ami’s post in satirizing the attitude. Many commenters question whether he went far enough, since they know people who actually do this.

9 Responses to “Monday Morning LinkBlogging”

  1. Ray Cornwall Says:

    I am *madly* in love with Chris Butcher’s new theme. I have never wanted to steal someone’s WP theme so badly. I adore it like Whimpy loves free hamburgers.

  2. Thom Says:


    I could have probably taken it farther…I was in a comic shop and once heard a small group of customers lamenting women shopping in the store. *blink*

  3. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    Thanks for the link and vote of confidence, Johanna! I figured it was time to channel all of my side comments about marketing in a more productive direction. Hopefully people find it useful, if not as the how-to for publishers it’s intended to be, then at least as a “what to look for” for aspiring creators about to sign on the dotted line.

    PS: Thanks for the blogroll link, too! Was hoping I’d make it back there at some point. :-)

  4. Lea Says:

    I really like what Ami has to say, but I refused to read it past the first post I encountered. She’s entirely too articulate to be using that stupid chatspeak crap. It makes her come across as sub-literate and undermines good points.

  5. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    The truth is men don’t want or need women who share the same interests. We need breaks from each other! They only need to find women who share some interests, and tolerate the rest.

  6. Amy K Ganter Says:

    Interesting blog links. I know the kind of guy Ami speaks of, but it’s hard for me to get really mad at them when they’re still mentally and emotionally adolescents. There’s just as many awesome, intelligent, and respectable guys as there are selfish and immature ones. Can’t we all just get along? =P

  7. Sarah Says:

    Here’s what Henry James had to say about the most refined of those kinds of guys:

    “He was immensely pleased with his young lady; Madame Merle had made him a present of incalculable value. What could be a finer thing to live with than a high spirit attuned to softness? For would not the softness be all for one’s self, and the strenuousness for society, which admired the air of superiority? What could be a happier gift in a companion than a quick, fanciful mind which saved one repetitions and reflected one’s thought on a polished, elegant surface? Osmond hated to see his thought reproduced literally–that made it look stale and stupid; he preferred it to be freshened in the reproduction even as “words” by music. His egotism had never taken the crude form of desiring a dull wife; this lady’s intelligence was to be a silver plate, not an earthen one–a plate that he might heap up with ripe fruits, to which it would give a decorative value, so that talk might become for him a sort of served dessert. He found the silver quality in this perfection in Isabel; he could tap her imagination with his knuckle and make it ring.”

  8. Crocodile Caucus » Rediscovering an appreciation for Free Enterprise Says:

    […] rant on fanboy attitudes towards gamer girls made me realize a reason to appreciate it. (found via Johanna) Ami writes: I keep hearing that we dun exist. That there are no gamer girls. But what these guys […]

  9. Ami Angelwings Says:


    Ppl read my blog! XD

    I apologize if it’s difficult to read. :\ I know many ppl dun like the way I type. But it’s the way I type casually :) If I was writing an essay or an article for a paper or something I obviously wouldn’t write like that!

    Neways, I totally agree with you! Like, if these “geek guys” want “geek girls” to be super perfect and hot and everything, THEY should endeavour to do the same things!

    Personally, I prefer it if me and my boyfriend share less interests in common but more in common personality wise :) I dun mind if he goes to watch football or something, or play FPS, if he doesn’t mind that I play RPGs and read comics! I think some of these “geek guys” are just very insecure about themselves and they worry if the girl has other interests they wun like them. Like, ALL they are is their interests and beyond their comic book knowledge, there’s nothing else. :\




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