Penny and Aggie Book 2 Released

I’m pleased to announce that the second collection of Penny and Aggie webcomics, Celebrity Poker Showdown, has been released, and I was honored to write the foreword for it. Ordering information is available at the link (current top post, no permalink), and I’ll talk more about it when I have my printed copy. You can order it through (no longer available) or direct from the artist if you want a signed sketched edition.

2 Responses to “Penny and Aggie Book 2 Released”

  1. Divalicious! Out Today » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] forward to this graphic novel. I’ve enjoyed T Campbell’s stories in the past (he writes Penny and Aggie, among other things), and what I’ve seen of Amy Mebberson’s art I’ve really […]

  2. Last Chance on Penny & Aggie » Comics Worth Reading Says:

    […] the kinds of tradeoff decisions publishers have to deal with. The webcomic Penny and Aggie has been collected in two books. But print-on-demand publishing isn’t taken seriously by bookstores and “real” […]




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