Midnight Kiss Finally Ends

Back in September, I wrote about Tony Lee’s attempt to gather preorders for a Midnight Kiss paperback. It appears that the appeal didn’t work, since today Markosia released the concluding #5 online as a PDF or CBR file. The PR mentions that you can still order issues 1 through 4, but since there’s no mention of the planned collection, I’m assuming it isn’t happening. (The Amazon listing is still there, but it says “available in 4 to 6 weeks”, which is code for “we don’t have it and probably can’t get it.”)

Update: I am wrong. I jumped the gun. Obviously, getting all the material for the book completed is a necessary precursor to putting out the book, and as the commenters pointed out, this completes that step. A book is still planned for later this year. My apologies, especially to Tony, who’s been working hard to keep attention on this project.

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  1. Andrew Foley Says:

    Actually, I’m reasonably sure Markosia/Tony still intend to release a collected MIDNIGHT KISS at some point. For a long time, the plan was to release #5 online for free so long-time fans wouldn’t have to shell out 14 or so bucks to get the end of the story. My understanding is that the reason it’s taken so long to be put online is down to the artist having to fit work on it in between his commitments to DBpro’s MAGICIAN: APPRENTICE series. Apparently, #5 was only finally finished in December.

    I don’t think there’s an exact date nailed down yet, but based on some comments on his LiveJournal, I gather Tony expects to see a trade released sometime in the second half of 2007.


  2. Tony Lee Says:

    I’m sorry Johanna – I love your site, but on this occasion you are totally and utterly incorrect.

    The reason the campaign in September failed, was that the artist, Ryan Stegman hadn’t finished the book. As is said in the release, Ryan had to work around some pretty big projects he is currently on, and Midnight Kiss suffered in the process.

    But, ever since it was cancelled, both myself AND Harry Markos promised the fans that THE MOMENT that Midnight Kiss #5 was finished, they would be able to read it FREE online, as it was unfair to make the fans who DID shell out for the first four, pay out fifteen bucks just for the final issue.

    Because of the delays, the trade was cancelled to be re-solicited later in the year. it WILL be coming out as a trade. This was just a gesture for the people who never finished the comic.




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