Am I Being Bribed?

Godiva cookiesIn an interesting followup to my most recent post, I came home to find another review package waiting.

Netcomics had sent me the first volume of a new series (marked SAMPLE), a copy of their publishing catalog from this year, and two packets of Godiva Hazelnut Praline Biscuits. They were yummy!

First time that’s ever happened. Nice surprise, though.

17 Responses to “Am I Being Bribed?”

  1. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    Nice; and a pretty standard marketing tactic in advertising and PR. On the ad side, we always send clients and select prospects a little gift along with our media kits, not as a bribe so much as a token of appreciation for their [future] business.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for providing some insight into the thinking… I found it a little surprising only because there was no mention of the cookies anywhere in the package or letter.

  3. Alan Coil Says:

    Well, I think it is a bribe and you ought to maintain your integrity by sending them goodies to me! :)

  4. Johanna Says:

    Heh. I’m surprised they survived one trip; I doubt you’d get anything but crumbs. If I hadn’t already eaten them. :)

  5. John Says:

    I envy you. I so envy you.

  6. Ray Cornwall Says:

    On a complete aside, Netcomics has done a good job of getting me to try their comics. I’m not a big manga reader, though I’m open to the format. I’ve picked up both The Great Catsby and Let’s Be Perverts.

    Course, they never sent ME chocolates…

  7. Dan Says:

    You know you’ve “made it” as a critic when they start sending you snackie treats along with your comics. Nice!

  8. James Schee Says:

    They are sending free food now? Man… if they start sending plasma TV, Ipods or the like I’m getting back into reviewing!

  9. Johanna Says:

    Ray, I don’t think I’ve seen “Let’s Be Perverts”, but that’s certainly a terrific title.

  10. Ray Cornwall Says:

    “Let’s Be Perverts” is an interesting “coming of age” tale with sexual hijinks. I’m only a little bit into the book, but it’s not bad, and the translation is better than Catsby, which left me scratching my head at times (though Catsby still has merit).

  11. Tom Stillwell Says:

    Cookies! Pure genius!

    That’s way better than the jar of dill pickles I’ve been sending around with reviews.

  12. Bill Sherman Says:

    Me, I’m allergic to hazelnuts, so that wouldn’t influence my thoughts one whit. Some really good dills, on the other hand . . .

  13. Chris Mautner Says:

    It’s interesting the types of swag pr people will send you to plug their products. I’ve gotten bags of potato chips, bobble head dolls, keychains, stickers, action figures, magic eight balls and, perhaps most perversly, a leather whip.

    I didn’t keep the whip.

  14. Johanna Says:

    Pickles? Ewww… For some reason, that reminds me I once got a really pretty feather (it was themed to the book subject).

    And yeah, the allergy thing can be a problem, too.

    Potato chips would be smashing!

  15. Chris Mautner Says:

    The potato chips came with some chewing gum too!

  16. Pitzer Says:

    Just today I received a rather nice package from Shojo Beat. They sent a nice cardboard standee of the page talking about PROJECT: ROMANTIC, along with the advertising folder and sample issue in a cool zipper mesh bag. Oh… and it was PINK!

  17. Alan Coil Says:

    Chris Mautner said:
    “It’s interesting the types of swag pr people will send you to plug their products. I’ve gotten … and, perhaps most perversly, a leather whip.

    I didn’t keep the whip.”
    Did you forget the ;) ?




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