Bloggers Make Good

Congratulations, Heidi! She’s back editing comics for the Fox Atomic line of horror graphic novels.

Congratulations, Rich! He’s launching a magazine at the New York Con. UVC is described as Wizard meets Vibe. Good luck with the distribution, guys, but what do the letters stand for?

Congratulations, Kevin! He’s writing a webcomic about comic store retailing. The language is a bit too frat boy for me, but I’m also pretty sure that’s accurate.

12 Responses to “Bloggers Make Good”

  1. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    UVC: The Urban Voice in Comics
    (scroll down)

  2. Benjamin Birdie Says:

    Don’t blame Kevin for the dialogue. I was raised in a Frat House. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but Sig Chi L did just fine on their own.

  3. Kevin Church Says:

    As I’ve made great pains to establish this, I feel it bears reiteration: Birdie’s actually writing the majority of The Rack. I provided the bible, tweak dialogue on occasion, and have a few scripts in the hopper that will eventually roll out.

    If you wanted to congratulate me for my writing, the recent Cthulhu Tales: The Rising volume has an 8-page story written by me and drawn by Joe Abraham. I’ve also remixed a number of stories for the What Were They Thinking?!? series for BOOM! Studios. The next volume in that title, Go West Young Man should be out very soon. There’s also the upcoming Cover Girl, a miniseries I’m writing with Eureka creator Andrew Cosby.

    The Rack, while my baby, is Birdie’s to raise. I’m the Jor-El to his Jonathan Kent.

  4. Dave Lartigue Says:

    They’re not the only ones who have done somethign impressive. I got a new chair:

  5. Ragenll Says:

    And I–… *Freezes, and tries to think of an accomplishment* I… *Still thinking* I… *Face falls*

    *Sniffs and wipes eye*

  6. Andrew Weiss Says:

    I got a mention in the online version of USAToday yesterday, and for once it didn’t have a line stating “the individual was found shirtless and hiding under his front porch.”

  7. Mikester Says:

    My mom likes me.

  8. Shane Says:

    I’m still not blogging…except for Meanwhile.

  9. Chris Sims Says:

    Sterling’s mom also likes me.

  10. Ragnell Says:

    Oh, no one likes you, Chris. :)

  11. Johanna Says:

    I go out of town for a day, and I come back to discover that you’re all much too competitive! :)

  12. Mikester Says:

    I’ll have you know I’m more competitive than all those guys put together!




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