Comics Covered Relaunches

Kevin Melrose is back on his own at Comics, Covered, and I’m thrilled. He’s promising reviews, interviews, and my favorite part (because it’s so unusual), analysis of cover design.

I love his site design, too. The simplicity evokes the classic newspaper layout but without taking the concept so far it becomes gimmicky. I wish I was that good at design.

One Response to “Comics Covered Relaunches”

  1. Kevin Melrose Says:

    Thanks, Johanna.

    I can’t take any responsibility for the site design, beyond saying, “That’s what I want”; it’s a WordPress theme implemented with the help of my friend, Ron. But the reason I liked it was the simple, newspaper feel that you mentioned. I knew I’d be showcasing covers and interior art, and I didn’t want the architecture to compete with that.

    I’ll roll out more cover analysis this week and, if everything goes as planned, an interview or two.

    Thanks again for the mention, and for the support.




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