Happy Valentine’s Day

Legion Valentine by Scott at Polite Dissent

Unlike much of the internet I seem to have stumbled across, I LIKE Valentine’s Day. But that’s because I am happily married and hope and plan to stay that way. I certainly understand why it can be so stressful to so many people.

My husband and I celebrate by picking something low-key we’d both like to do, like go to a movie or watch a DVD we both expect to enjoy, and we’d rather cook a special treat dinner at home than fight the restaurant crowds. We also like laughing together at jewelry commercials that imply you can buy love with diamonds. In short, we make it about both of us instead of buying into marketing expectations or assuming that the boy has to do something special for the girl.

Thanks to Polite Dissent for the image! Happy Valentine’s Day, KC! I love you.

Update: A couple more cute holiday goodies: online Valentines featuring Steady Beat characters, and a gay penguin love story.

9 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Thom Says:

    What? Diamonds don’t make girls love you?! Another theory goes out the window. You really can’t trust TV, can you?

    But seriously, no bitterness here. I hope you and your husband have a great Valentines Day. :)

  2. Tommy Says:

    My wife and I have similar plans. My mother is going to watch our kids for a few hours and we are going to either go see Music and Lyrics or just stay home and enjoy the quiet.

  3. Paul Sizer Says:

    Thank God Jane and I aren’t the only ones who sit and laugh at jewelry commercials…

    Happy Valentines Day!

  4. George Says:

    My wife’s birthday falls a few days before VD, and we both despise the commercial aspects of many holidays, so we long ago agreed not to celebrate VD: no cards, no chocolate, no dinner, no flowers, no jewelry. What we do instead is each pick a totally random day throughout the year (not a birthday, not anniversary, etc.) and do something unexpectedly nice and/or romantic for each other. So we get two days, not one, and we get them on our own terms, not Madison Avenue’s.

  5. Bill D. Says:

    I always end up having to work on Valentine’s Day, so my wife and I usually end up celebrating the weekend before or after, so we get a day that really is all about us, and therefore end up liking it better. We go to dinner and give each other gifts we actually want, like books or CDs or DVDs or something.

    Heck, this year, instead of giving gifts, we just agreed to allow ourselves to spend extra money at the New York Comic Con (for me) and a scrapbooking supply party (for her). The perfect gifts! ^_^

  6. Tommy Says:

    We went to see Music and Lyrics and we both loved it. I’m a sucker for romantic comedy and I’m a double sucker for Hugh Grant. He’s about the charmingest mofo on the planet.

  7. Rivkah Says:

    I’d much prefer flowers to diamonds; at least nobody gets brutally murdered trying to cut the roses.

  8. Tommy Raiko Says:

    I’d much prefer flowers to diamonds; at least nobody gets brutally murdered trying to cut the roses.

    No, but some folks cutting the roses are apparently exposed to dangerous levels of toxic pesticides and fungicides:

    “Cut Flower Industry Relies on Heavy Pesticide Use”

  9. ~chris Says:

    Awwww… hooray for gay penguin love!




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