Spider-Man and Power Pack #4

Spider-Man and Power Pack #4 cover

This comic by Marc Sumerak and Gurihiru reminded me of the imaginative fun that can be found in superhero comics. Sometimes they contain ideas that are enjoyable on their own, just from their wacky creativity.

In this case, as shown on the cover, it’s “what if Katie, the youngest Power Pack member, was taken over by Venom?” The result? Venom with pigtails!

The comic executes the concept in a standard fashion, setting up the premise, showing the team discovering the problem, staging several battles for the use of superpowers, adding complications, introducing the guest-stars, and ending on a high note. But… baby girl Venom!

As a bonus, this comic has two additional strips, one Mini-Marvel and one Franklin Richards.

4 Responses to “Spider-Man and Power Pack #4”

  1. Lea Says:

    And yet, rendered incredibly creepy by “Reign.”

  2. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    Sumerak has been doing fun, unheralded work with Power Pack (and Franklin Richards, and Marvel Minis), one of a handful of checks in the “Yay!” column on Marvel’s karmic ledger sheet for the past couple of years.

  3. sploki Says:

    great exept why not zero-g or enebody just not her!!!!!!!!!!!!! … sorry

  4. sploki Says:

    i think kaity power is to yong to have the seymbeyot




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