Kids Love Comics Day

Kids Love Comics Day will be held March 3 at Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from 10-3. From the press release:

The event will showcase the new face of Comic Books and the joy of reading a good story! Guests can learn what it takes to get their ideas into the page by the authors of some of the most popular graphic novels now available.

Kids Love Comics day poster

Programs include interactive workshops, book signings, opportunities for fans of all ages to interact with the guest artists and authors, and an Amelia Rules book launch.


John Gallagher, cartoonist, Buzzboy

* Learn how to create your own superhero with this step-by-step guide to comic book creation. John will discuss every aspect of superhero cartooning, from coming up with an original idea through every step of the process, including writing, pencilling, inking, lettering, and coloring.
ages 8 & up

Jane Fisher-Smith, writer, WJHC

* Turning your real-life experiences into comics. Jane will discuss how she came up with the memorable characters and hilarious gags in her comic, WJHC. She’ll get you started on creating your very own comic during the presentation. Selected stories will be posted on the Kids Love Comics website.
ages 6 & up

Jimmy Gownley, cartoonist, Amelia Rules!

* Getting your comic book published. Jimmy will draw on his 15+ years in the comic book industry to discuss the nuts & bolts of getting your work published. Topics covered will include comic book creation, copyright & trademark, and careers in cartooning and comic book writing. Whether you want to self-publish or create stories for major publishers, Jimmy can provide helpful insight and tips on this competitive business.
ages 12 & up

Harold Buchholz, cartoonist, Apathy Kat

Harold Buchholz, creator of the adroable comic Apathy Kat, will demonstrate how to create loveable, fun characters with wide appeal.
ages 8 & up.

3 Responses to “Kids Love Comics Day”

  1. Tom Stillwell Says:

    This is very cool. I really wish I could get something like this going in the Chicagoland area.

  2. Jimmy Gownley Says:

    We are planning to use this inaugural event as a template to bring to other cities. If you are interested in working with us to set up an event in Chicago (Or any other city) Just drop us a line through or

  3. Richard Marcej Says:

    The Whitaker Center (where this is being held) is a great place for families to take their kids. At K’NEX (where I work during the day) we send a lot of our construction and interactive toys to the Center for shows.

    I used to give free “how-to-do-comics” workshops for local libraries and the kids really love comics and comic characters. Glad to see that there’s a national program like this.




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