Adrenaline #1

I’m a bit late talking about this, but I was impressed enough that I wanted to point it out anyway.

Adrenaline #1 cover
Adrenaline #1

Adrenaline is an eight-issue miniseries about a reality show. Dr. Saida Nri has been promised millions for her clinic in Tanzania if she leads one of the teams. The other is headed by the dissolute heir who practically kidnapped her and has his own motives for funding the project.

Saida’s smart, athletic, gutsy, and strong — a wonderful new character, and the reason I recommend this title. I’d forgotten how refreshing it could be to “meet” someone like her in comics without thinking “if only they’d pose her so I wasn’t looking at her crotch on every page” or “too bad her body is drawn so unrealistically” or “I wish she wasn’t defined by her love life”.

The art can be inconsistent, but when it’s on, it’s powerful. The opening pages, featuring lion poaching, are especially strong.

Although this issue came out in October of last year, if you or your retailer missed it, never fear. In a very smart move, the publisher has put the entire issue online at their website. The second issue is also there (in which many other cool characters are introduced — I was particularly impressed by the diversity, which didn’t feel forced). Issue #3 is due out February 21, so feel free to jump on.

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  1. T-Shirts Says:

    Very cool. Can’t wait till the 21st!

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  4. Tissa Says:

    Ive never read any of these books, but i will when i find one… thx for sharing…

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