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I’m the last person to mention this, two weeks late, but Kevin Church’s advice on blogging is a must-read. Even if you’re not yet ready for your own WordPress installation on your own host (although it’s easy and professional), he raises issues you should think about in the long term. (Personally, I second his recommendation to avoid LiveJournal, and I’m not too keen on Blogger either.)

But mostly, pay attention to his comments on content. Blog regularly, blog authentically, and blog consistently. Whatever pattern works for you, stick to it; speak in your own voice, about what matters to you; and live up to your own expectations. The commenters have some good points, too, especially Tom Spurgeon’s reminder to break posts based on topic. Mike Sterling added some advice of his own (second section of the post). If you’d like to see my writing advice, it’s still here.

Wonder Woman with puppies

Speaking of the blogverse, best wishes to Ian Brill as he quits blogging in favor of writing for pay.

Kevin more recently pointed out the work of Katie Cook, which I suddenly adore. Sadly, there is nothing in her online shop, so I don’t know how to get more of it, beyond browsing the many pieces on her site. Just look at this lovely example of Wonder Woman pet-sitting! I love Ace’s little batwing flyer.

Back to advice. I heartily second Dirk Manning’s insistence that you can’t break into comics doing superheroes. Since it was posted at Newsarama, though, the followups are all “what do you know? you’re full of yourself” and “but that’s all I want to write!” It’s accurate and a good point for aspiring creators to take notice of, but if they were willing to listen to the smart advice, they wouldn’t be trying to make comics, bless their stubbornly determined hearts.

This essay on themes of motherhood in Atari Force is a substantial read and a good introduction to a wonderful series that I still miss. The “Hukka vs. the Bob” backup story mentioned in the comments is one of my top five favorite comics ever.

I’m going to have to check back in with the Fallen Angel series. JK Woodward’s painted art was very attractive, but it was hard for me to read as a comic story. Now comes word that Kristian Donaldson will be taking over with issue #15 to complete a story with some intriguing hinted-at guest stars, including Linda Danvers. Donaldson’s art was the best thing about Supermarket, and I’m curious to see how Peter David keeps teasing and taunting readers (in a good way). After that is scheduled a Shi crossover drawn by Billy Tucci, so it looks like the creativity will keep coming.

A big congratulations to Jane Irwin on the tenth anniversary of Vogelein!

8 Responses to “Catchup LinkBlogging”

  1. The Dane Says:

    Really? Why not such a fan of Blogger? I’ve been using it for nearly seven years now and have little to complain about.

    I might like a little more control over the backend code, but the same would hold true for WordPress. I think the one thing I’d like to see on Blogger is the ability to export my data to an Access DB, for better portability.

  2. James Schee Says:

    I like that WW drawing, though it makes me wonder why Diana doesn’t have a pet. I mean Superman has Krypto, Bats has Ace, and Supergirl has Streaky.

    Knowing today’s DC they’d probably give her a snake or something. Yet I think she needs a pet duck.:)

  3. Johanna Says:

    Near the end of her first series run, there was a Gremlin… no, wait, she had a Kanga as a girl!

    I didn’t like the lack of control Blogger demanded. It seemed to go down regularly, and since it was a free service, there was no recourse. Very frustrating.

  4. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    ** I’ve had that Atari Force post bookmarked for a few days now, but it’s a long one and I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I figured if it was any good, you’d come across it at some point and recommend it. I have the series on my to-re-read pile for the holiday weekend! :-)

    ** The IDW Fallen Angel has been pretty good — #10 was one of my favorite single issues of last year — so much so that I picked up the two DC TPBs released so far. I actually think the IDW run is better, but both are engrossing reads. I’m looking forward to Donaldson’s issues, too, because Supermarket was a visual treat.

    ** Blogger’s not terrific, but as free services go, I can’t complain too much. They are frustratingly slow to adopt new features, though, and just when I was seriously considering switching over to WordPress, I heard new Blogger doesn’t convert so easily. I’m now looking into switching over to Joomla and iJoomla Magazine for v2.0 of my site, probably over the summer.

  5. jlg Says:

    I jumped from LJ to WordPress in response to Church’s post, and it’s something I’d recommend. It saves drafts, has space for uploads, can make pages, and is generally easy to use. It’s not quite as customizable design-wise (I think you have to pay for real CSS editing), but there’s stuff you can do with headers and sidebars. It’s been working great for me. They have a new blogger importer, but I don’t know how well it works. Now to work on those other blogging points…

  6. Michael Grabois Says:

    I remember how much you liked her, so I thought you might like to know that we missed Dart’s birthday last month. According to the Atari Force timeline, she was born in early January 2007. I didn’t even hear about the baby shower, otherwise I would have gotten her a little something.

  7. Katie Cook Says:

    thank you so much for the mention!
    and there’s nothing in my online store at the moment because i was wiped out of inventory at my last convention ;-) …which is always the place to pick up katie goodies. but drop me an e-mail, for the plug i’ll send you a free print or something good!
    -katie cook

  8. Johanna Says:

    That’s a fabulous reason to have an empty store! Thanks for the offer, and for visiting.




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