TwoMorrows New Book Series Comics Introspective

TwoMorrows has announced a new book series, Comics Introspective. (Apparently, indy/alternative comic creators don’t qualify as “Modern Masters”, so they get this title. I kid.)

First up, Peter Bagge (due in July), followed by Dean Haspiel and Jay Stephens. Editor Christopher Irving describes the aims of the project as follows:

Comics Introspective cover

“COMICS INTROSPECTIVE conveys what it’s like to hang out with an indy comics talent. … It’s done with a combination of original photography, multiple art gallery sections, and an introspective dialogue with each subject. Don’t expect a standard retrospective interview with these folks: these are in-depth, casual, yet often hard-hitting conversations that just happen to be documented in book form…. Too often, people are interviewed about what they’ve done, as opposed to who they are and why they’ve approached their careers and craft the way they have… as well as their theories about the comic book artform. … What I’m going for with COMICS INTROSPECTIVE is a real look inside the minds of these creators so that we can better understand where they’re coming from. Think of it as the book equivalent of kickin’ it at a bar with the likes of Peter Bagge or Dean Haspiel for a few hours.”

Now, I could nitpick some of the wording of their press release, like referring to these subjects as “non-mainstream” talent, a particular pet peeve of mine. (Real-life work is a lot more “mainstream”, in terms of appealing to the general public, when you consider the market as a whole instead of just the direct market branch.) But this is a stretch for TwoMorrows, and I’m glad to see them, as the publisher puts it, recognizing that “there’s a whole world of fabulous creators whose work goes beyond spandex-clad super-heroes”.

Now to see them cover some of the great female creators! I’d love to see a book on Carol Lay myself.

3 Responses to “TwoMorrows New Book Series Comics Introspective”

  1. Fnord Serious Says:

    Twomorrows has done some great work in the superhero field. Its nice to see them expanding beyond the “mainstream”. I’d like to see Dave Cooper and Jim Woodring get books in this series for a start.

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