Manga Page Updates

Lots and lots of good series have updated recently!

  • Aishiteruze Baby book 6 shows young man Kippei facing new challenges in taking care of his little cousin when she gets sick.
  • Nana seems to take a huge leap forward in book 5, or maybe it’s just me, but the drama and characterization is deeper and more involving than ever.
  • In Tramps Like Us book 11, the characters are preparing to move on with their lives, even if they don’t really want to. Getting engaged requires changes, and doubts come with the territory, but sometimes they have real basis behind them.
  • Sensual Phrase concludes with book 18, a collection of short stories by the author that includes a couple of flash-forwards about the series characters. I will miss it so! It’s a wonderful sexy soap opera set in the music business.

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