Absolute Boyfriend Book 3

I thought Absolute Boyfriend Book 1 had some interesting observations about male/female relations, but now the series has turned into a sitcom-like sex comedy. Ever-more-implausible situations are devised to throw Riiko and Night together and then keep them apart.

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Absolute Boyfriend
Book 3
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Events are ridiculous. Riiko nearly gets killed trying to stake her claim on Night at the same time she can’t decide whether she loves him or Soshi. Then the three wind up on a vacation island as part of the pressure being placed on Riiko to have sex with Night.

I really wanted to somehow force Riiko to read the manga of Mayu Shinjo, whose books are about teaching young women to find their own voices and speak for themselves. Riiko’s more like driftwood, buffeted amongst others’ expectations for her, kept moving by a desire not to upset anyone. That’s a circumstance many girls find themselves in, but it can make for frustration on the reader’s part, since Riiko can’t be grabbed and shaken to gain sense.

But if you’re going to be in that situation, trying to decide between two guys gorgeous in their own ways isn’t bad.


  1. […] found myself wondering how much I was really enjoying this series with the previous volume, which I thought was becoming too sitcom-like. […]

  2. omfg i cannot WAIT 2 read the 3RD….. ur right, the book HAS turned in2 a sex sitcom! i luv it, and in my opinion, i rlly like soshi and all, but he’s kind of a jerk 2 night in the 2ND book just 2 get them away frm each other which i think is just selfish and rude!!! >=[ but, i do think that riiko should just walk up 2 night and kiss him— then, if she luved him, hav sex w/ him…. idk, but i wanna c wht happens nxt!!!!! =]

  3. warm_essence

    hmm, im about to buy the third book but i must admit, i think there are too many revealing scenes(its always night nude, lol) the manga itself, is alright tho.

    im not really sure who i prefer riiko to end up wid. night is just too adorable to resist but yet, soshi is so considerate to riiko at times. anyway, hope the endning of the manga doesnt disappoint me! lol

  4. Stephanie Roybal

    Love the book I just got it and I’m on the 3rd book it is so good I cant wait to see who Riiko ends up with all though. I know Nite is a doll lol. but It still rock so much.

  5. lol.. ive red all episode TT^TT it was great… x} not the fact that.. riiko
    blank blank cuz night tenjo ish blank blank blank x}}

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