Glyph Comics Awards Nominees Announced & Compared

After last year’s controversy, I’m thrilled to see so many news sites have already published the list of Glyph Comics Awards Nominees or linked to it.

I was one of the judges, so to say something else about the topic, I thought I’d compare the final list with my nominee choices. I’d like to highlight some deserving projects and creators that didn’t make the final list and talk a little about my reasons behind my choices.

Story of the Year: I agreed on Stagger Lee, The American Way, and Earthlight. In place of Bluesman and Day 8 (a webcomic I had trouble getting to load), I picked Astro City: Samaritan and Captain Gravity and the Power of the Vril, a book I’m not sure anyone else read. (Think Indiana Jones meets the Rocketeer, only he’s black. It’s a fun retro romp.)

Best Writer: Again in place of Bluesman and Day 8, I nominated Dwayne McDuffie (Beyond) and Gail Simone (Welcome to Tranquility).

The former choice indicates the importance of companies submitting material for evaluation for awards like these. I had the issues at home, but unlike DC, Marvel didn’t respond to our submission call, and so I suspect some of the others may not have considered this story. The other selections were also more explicitly about the black experience, which may have been a stronger factor in other judges’ evaluations for this category.

Along similar lines, I was sorry that no one submitted the Emissary, because I would have liked to have considered that for more content awards.

The latter choice, I admit, was politically based. I wanted to see women’s voices recognized. With only one issue out in 2006, choosing Welcome to Tranquility is more of a statement of hope than a recognition of quality in that calendar year.

Best Artist: I’m getting closer! In place of Kyle Baker, I nominated Ms,Shatia Hamilton (Fungus Grotto).

Best Male Character: None of my choices were represented in the final list. I picked Patriot, Mr. Terrific, The Spectre, Firestorm, and Alex Wilder (Runaways). I went very “mainstream”, because that’s the kind of award I think “best character” is. I was also trying to avoid listing the same projects in every category. Judging for this award made me aware of some great comics I wasn’t previously aware of, and I wanted to recognize as many titles as possible.

Best Female Character: I’m one for five in selecting Sheriff Thomasina Lindo. The others I picked were Monica Rambeau (Nextwave), Arisa Hines (The Perhapanauts), and Dr. Saida Nri (Adrenaline). Yes, that’s only four. I couldn’t find another one I wanted to award. Storm is a great choice, if we’re talking about the character throughout her history, but I haven’t cared as much for her recent portrayals.

Rising Star Award: I also wanted Spike. My other choices were Tyler Chin-Tanner (writer of Adrenaline), Emezie Okorafor (A Girl Named Gary (Don’t Ask)), Rob Vollmar (Bluesman), and Orlando Harding (Pariah).

Best Reprint Publication: I drew a blank on this category. I wanted to pick Are We Feeling Safer Yet?, but the official publication date was January 2007, so I chose The Bakers: Do These Toys Belong Somewhere?. I never saw the Tokyopop entry or the Nat Turner book, and this is the first I’ve heard of Never Made to Last: Stories of Suburban Folklore.

Best Cover: I nominated Firestorm #23 out of that bunch. I understand the purpose of recognizing such a visible part of the comic, especially when you’re looking at the subject of representation, but this award just didn’t resonate much with me.

Best Comic Strip: 4 for 5. Instead of Templar, Arizona, I picked On the Edge, which is much more lightweight.

And don’t forget to vote for the Fan Award for Best Comic beginning in March at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention(ECBACC) website.

4 Responses to “Glyph Comics Awards Nominees Announced & Compared”

  1. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    Kudos on a strong list of nominees this year. I found the nomination process last year tough and enlightening as there was so much material I was unaware of and felt like a few less-deserving mainstream nominees slipped in as a result. I was pretty happy with the ultimate winners, though, and this year’s batch is an exciting mix of the familiar and the unknown.

    Also nice to see the increased online attention the awards themselves are getting this time around.

  2. scott h Says:

    female character, agent 355 from Y: The Last Man could have been a good choice. I love her anyways :)

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