Jughead & Friends Digest #17

I was curious about this digest when it was announced, because allusions to other comics were promised. Not only did this story reference Superman, but there were a lot more hints and nudges.

Jughead & Friends Digest #17 cover
Jughead & Friends Digest #17

Hugh Kendraw, a thinly disguised Stan Lee, is coming to the comic shop to find contestants for his “So You Wanna Be a Super Hero?” reality show. I figure the writer, Fernando Ruiz, must have heard of the Legion of Super-Heroes, because Jughead dresses up as the Living Statue (immovable rock, like Stone Boy) and Betty and Veronica team up to be Gemini Girl, “a single character who can split into two bodies”. The story ends, as many Legion of Substitute Heroes try-outs did, with Chuck Clayton hitting himself in the head with his Fast Ball power.

Later in the digest, Jughead wants to crash one of Veronica’s parties (for the food), so Dilton invents a holographic projector to make him look like a handsome snob. Then the story terms into a gender-reversed Cinderella.

There are also three Wilkin Boy reprints, all of which talk about men’s and women’s roles in some form. In the first, Bingo’s dog has to save the day when Bingo’s girlfriend’s dad gets macho when faced with some punks. In the second, all the females get upset when referred to as “mere women”. The last was the funniest, in my opinion, because Bingo learns quickly not to judge his girlfriend, who could bench-press him.

The last story uses a concept familiar to manga readers, that of the Japanese style of celebrating Valentine’s Day. (Since the writer, George Gladir, wrote the story where Archie discovered manga, I suspect this might be intentional.) Jughead starts a campaign for girls to give their boyfriends chocolate to celebrate the holiday. Because he’s doing it out of greedy motives, he winds up losing out. (Thus endeth the lesson.)

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  1. Justin Says:

    My budget cut down drastically, and as a result Jughead gets the cut in favor of the indies I get, luckily there is a good chance I might spot this at Wal-Mart and I hope I do.

    On a side note, that story gets me even more excited to one day meet Fernando, he is my favorite Archie artist, and now it sounds like it would be very fun to talk comics, too.




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