Rick Olney Con Update

Con artist Rick Olney hasn’t learned his lesson yet — Heidi has his latest convention announcement, followed by two people rushing to warn others and publicly disassociate themselves. I’ll join in the chorus: don’t have anything to do with this liar.

In happier news, Scott Reed won a legal judgment in Florida against Olney:

Olney failed to appear in the Florida court, and failed to arrange any sort of representation to that court, and indeed failed to respond to the summons. Scott was awarded his claim of the monies due on the invoiced work, interest on that amount, and court costs…. the money still has to be collected from Olney, TightLip Entertainment, or any other connected entity.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a sheriff’s representative stood at the door of the convention, taking the money from Olney as soon as people gave it to him? Or do they not do things that way in New York?

21 Responses to “Rick Olney Con Update”

  1. Charles RB Says:

    Did he really think not turning up would work, or did he just oversleep really badly that day?

  2. Katherine Keller Says:

    I just splorfled tea all over my keyboard.

    I can’t believe Olney thinks he can seriously get away with this.

    Or maybe he’s doing it because he just wants to feel big and important again.


  3. Nat Gertler Says:

    I doubt Olney has really figured out how he’s going to deal with this. He comes across a man (well, that’s an exaggeration) in a constant state of panic, looking for the right words that will make this all go away. He tries acting haughty, he tries legal threats, he tries blaming others for his problems, he denies responsibility for his actions… but he’s been pulling bull for so many years now that it would be hard not to see it as all bluster.

  4. Paul O'Brien Says:

    He seems delusional, frankly. If he was merely a conventional conman, he would have given this up as a lost cause months ago.

  5. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    Just can’t kill cockroaches!

  6. Danny Donovan Says:

    Just in case our release doesn’t get a mention on here I want to make sure everyone knows about the unscrewed auctions currently going.


    There’s a whole heapin’ helpin’ of stuff coming up. Billy Tucci is sending things in after he gets back from Greece!

    He’s really annoyed that Rick has told people they were friends and he’d be at his con.

  7. Rick Olney Says:

    Shame on you, Mr. Donovan! I challenge you to provide where you saw in print that Billy Tucci had accepted a convention invitation and was confirmed and publicized for our June 23rd & 24th Mighty MiniCon?

    Frankly stated — You can’t. Just another LIE perpetuated by hacks and yellow journalists looking to keep their edge by causing train wrecks where none exist. This blog could grow beautiful flowers, Johanna … it simply reeks of spread manure.

    Look, I’m not counting on anyone that reads this blog to even KNOW a quality event run with the fan’s interests at heart. Much has been made of stories like Scott Reed. Scott Reed’s ‘win’ will be overturned and Mr. Reed will be explaining in person in a State Civil court how his –unapproved– website design’s (which my 12 year old niece could create with the Word Press program he utilized. It is simple fraud on Scott Reed’s part. Another day in court is coming!

    Lie upon lie upon lie….

    Congrats, Johanna! You may have made the short list!

    Rick Olney

  8. Nat Gertler Says:

    For those of you who have not run into Rick before, here he is. You see him challenging to support an accusation (having said something “in print”) which does not match Donovan’s accusation. You see him talking about a future court victory as a “fact” when the only fact is that Rick has already lost this case, didn’t bother to show up for it, didn’t warn the court he wouldn’t be there. Oh, and he denigrates the ability of the folks who he chose to hire, as though failing to pay them isn’t nasty enough.
    And then there’s his “short list”, which seems to be getting rather long. He claims to be getting ready to sic his lawyer on various folks… thing is, there’s no sign he has a lawyer, no real reason to believe he has one.
    And it woudn’t seem like a real Olney post if it didn’t contain things that didn’t turn into sentence and made no sense.

  9. Samuel Catalino Says:

    Well, Rick…what are you doing about all of this?

    If all of this is in your favor, why are you not doing anything about it? You may rage all you wish, but unless you do something about it, people probably look at you like a paper tiger….

  10. Tom Stillwell Says:

    Sorry folks.

    That’s just Rick Olney’s skin burning as the truth hits him.

  11. Danny Donovan Says:

    Shame on ME?

    Um actually, the only thing I’ve said concerning Billy Tucci is passing on a message he sent to me out of the blue.

    Apperently *HE* read his name in conjunction with your show, and you DID mention him at the CBR thread about wanting him to come out to the ’07 or ’08 show, whatever I can’t keep up.

    HE e-mailed me, and said you had asked him to go to several shows in the past at the Pittsburgh Con, to which he turned you down flat.

    He had nothing to do with you other than a creator being nice to a fan that stopped at his table…. He went out of his way to get in contact with ME to make sure no one elluded that he had anything to do with you, and that he fully supports Unscrewed!

  12. Tony Isabella Says:

    Let me welcome you to the short list, Johanna. Be sure to sign up for snacks. We get together once a week to cower in fear at the wrath of Olney. Oh, excuse me, did I say “cower in fear”? I meant to say “roll around on the floor laughing our butts off at the impotent mutterings of His Vileness.”

  13. Matt Doc Martin Says:

    More people for Rick’s short list.

    Want to see what Rick Olney is all about? Read just some of his homophobic, misogynistic, racist comments here:


    Also, he is being investigated for CHARITY FRAUD for using St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital’s name and logo for a charity auction at 2003’3 MMC. Sadly, he did not have permission nor did he make a donation of the $500 he raised. He has been asked by myself and by a representative of St Jude’s to provide documentation refuting these charges, but he has refused.

    So Rick Olney takes money from kids with cancer, to put it bluntly.

    He also begs for attention. Sad little cockroaches do that.

    Flee, little bug!

  14. Richard Sullivan Says:

    Hmmm…You said you loved Scott Reed’s web pages. Of course, that was before he wanted paid.

  15. Matt Doc Martin Says:

    Careful, Mr Sullivan…you will end up on the mythical “short list’. He now has TWO teams of lawyers!

    Of course, maybe that is why he never pays the talent he hires?

  16. david brothers Says:

    Olney’s Short List needs a cool superhero or football team name, really, like Romita’s Raiders.

  17. William Gatevackes Says:

    Perhaps the Olney Ombudsman?

  18. Matt Doc Martin Says:

    Whale Hunters is more like it.

  19. Jim Ritchey Says:

    Speaking as someone who has had is career adversely affected (while dealing with a severe illness–now treated), and several friends and new acquaintances who have been faced with even serious survival issues due to his nonpayment–relating to the actions of this pond-scum, I can attest, from individual experience, he is of low moral character, a pathological liar, a bully and a cheapskate.

    Combine this with an average IQ (at best), you’ve got a delusional, clinical sociopath who thinks he can wear down honest, intelligent and righteous people by repeating lies and fabricating new ones and insulting said very talented people, whose shoes he isn’t proverbially qualified to shine (he’s the worst writer I’ve ever seen), again and again. There’s hope for most of us, his ‘victims’ to have thriving careers in our field–he ‘hired’ or tried to hire some very talented people–but there is actually zero realistic hope of anything for this guy. It’s like this whole exercise has been a vendetta against anyone who isn’t completely, mind-numbingly mediocre, like he is–like he actively hunted us down, and sought to destroy us.

    NICE TRY, RICKY-BOY (sic)! I can’t speak for everyone (Rick doesn’t owe me a dime–just over a year of a career–due to VERY NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR towards a publishing imprint and their fans–in an effort to disrupt and take over ‘publication’ of my work), but I’ve got all sorts of real things coming out and being published, and actually get paid (and make a living at it) for doing art work, by non-deadbeats! You should try that sort of behavior, instead of stiffing people and lying about it.

  20. Sam Jones Says:

    I guess he really like Frank Miller’s Ronin: “If you intend to die you can do anything.”

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