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Heidi MacDonald has an excellent analysis of what the NY Con can do to improve in future years. She mentions one area that I haven’t seen many others address: whether the show was successful sales-wise. She also has bad vibes about the show’s treatment of independent comics.

Without Fantagraphics and D&Q the whole “bookstore” vibe of the show is missing a big component of what has been driving the success of the graphic novel category for the last five years. More worryingly, guests from the indie field were treated like second class citizens compared to superhero grunts…. if there was one show that had the potential besides San Diego to be a big tent happening, it was NYCC, and it looks like that won’t happen. Too bad.

In the comments thread, Dave Roman points out another problem with the book orientation of the show:

A lot of the traditional book publishers giving everything away led to a sense of confusion amongst attendees when they realized that indy comics publishers were actually selling the merchandise on their table. I had to stop at least 10 people from just grabbing books and walking away.

One of my happy memories of the show was meeting MangaBlog’s Bridget, who’s very sweet. I liked her take on the problem of confusing superhero comics for all comics. Her inclusionary vision is one more should share.

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  1. Justin Says:

    Wow, as I was reading this I realise it is very similar to a local con I went to last year, in a much smaller way. But we had a couple of big names, and they got pretty good treatment, and panels and whatnot. But on the flipside, the indy guys were the most pleasant bunch of folks I encountered.

    Oh and I was guilty of nearly taking one or two things and running. Though in my defense it was on things that weren’t clearly marked. And noone was at the table.




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