Captain Action Pitches Sought

This is a rarity… a publisher ASKING for pitches. Moonstone is looking for ideas on what to do with Captain Action, a 60s doll whose gimmick was that you could buy costumes for him of other heroes.

Captain Action, that master of disguise IDEAL action figure from the late 1960’s, returns!

Back in the day, CAP could disguise himself as Superman, Batman, Captain America, the Lone Ranger, etc! Original packaged outfits and such have been going for big bucks in the collector’s market for decades! (Of course, he was also a Gil Kane DC comic, and there was a series of figures and outfits released by Praying Mantis a decade ago.)

Moonstone wants to give CAP his due in comics! We’re looking for proposals of no more than two pages. The premise is entirely up to you!

Create a NEW “back story” as well as set CAP on a course for new adventures! We’re looking for that one GREAT IDEA, and we know it’s out there! (Please remember that CAP is a licensed property, and as such, if approved, would be considered “work for hire”.)

All proposals will be subject to review. You can e-mail proposals to

Note that this is wide open, since all there seems to be to the request is the need to use the (pretty generic) name, but that they’ll own whatever genius concept you come up with. Still, it’s an opportunity for the aspiring to demonstrate their creativity.

7 Responses to “Captain Action Pitches Sought”

  1. Ali Kokmen Says:

    Here’s a bit of comics trivia for ya. In the mid-80s, there was to be a relaunch of the Captain Action character by some indy publisher. That fell apart when the proprietor backed out, but the stories that had been developed for that Captain Action relaunch were rejiggered and published as a short-lived series called “Codename: Danger.”

    I know I have “Codename: Danger” somewhere in the collection, but I can’t recall a single thing about the comics themselves. Other than that they had a cool logo, that is…

  2. Johanna Says:

    According to the GCD, it was four issues from Lodestone. What a memory you have!

  3. Ali Kokmen Says:

    Heh. I’m kinda a Mission: Impossible (the 1960s TV show) fan, so I think the reason I remember Codename: Danger is because the title is similar to M:I. I just have to remember that the series isn’t really a riff on M:I, but Captain Action. Go figure…

  4. Allan Says:

    And, of course, Mission: Impossible itself was revived as a pretty dodgy TV show in the mid-80s…

  5. Doug Says:

    This is entirely beside the point, but part of the reason the ’80s Mission: Impossible was dodgy was that it was conceived as a dodge around a TV writers’ strike. The producers took scripts from the original show and redid them on the cheap.

  6. Nat Gertler Says:

    “Lodestone” itself was a bit of a dodge; it was a company that popped up as a spin-off of another new publisher, Deluxe. As best as I can recall, Lodestone popped up when Deluxe got sued over Wally Wood’s THUNDER Agents, which they were producing apparently under the assumption that the THUNDER Agents were public domain (a notion that the law ultimately disabused them of) and Lodestone appeared to protect the rest of their books from that suit.

    Doing the Captain Action pitch is tempting…

  7. Captain Action Comic Launches in April » Comics Worth Reading Says:

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