Archaia Studios Hires Joe Illidge

I’m impressed to see Archaia making such sensible moves in their gradual expansion plan.


On the heels of announcing its new lineup of creator-owned titles for 2007 and unveiling its catalog (freely downloadable at, ASP is pleased to announce the hiring of the man who will help bring these titles to readers: Joe Illidge. Illidge’s extensive background both as a comic book editor and as an entertainment guru are well suited to ensure that ASP’s books are well done, on time, and that they continue to live up to the high quality fans and readers have come to expect from the publisher of such titles as ARTESIA, THE KILLER, OKKO: THE CYCLE OF WATER, THE SECRET HISTORY, and MOUSE GUARD.

Illidge first cut his teeth at Milestone, the first Black-owned comic book company, where he edited Milestone’s flagship title, Hardware. Afterwards, Illidge became the associate editor of the Batman line of comic books for DC Comics. He helped kick off “No Man’s Land,” the year-long story in which Batman’s city was torn apart. He was also the editor on DC’s Birds of Prey series, helped develop the series bible for the Birds of Prey television show on the WB network, and took over the editorial reigns for Batman Beyond. Most recently, Illidge has been busy with his own Verge Entertainment, a production company with numerous award-winning short films to its credit.

Others may remember Illidge from his infamous 2001 interview with Rich Johnston about his treatment at DC Comics. More recently, he’s been writing columns for comiXtreme.

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  1. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Wow, that Johnston interview with Illidge is a nice little time bottle for comics. People were leaving DC for a better life at CrossGen? How the times have changed. I checked out Verge’s website, to find that Illidge is collaborating with Shawn Martinbrough (remember his run with Rucka on Detective?) on those short films. I’ll be curious to see what impact Illidge has and wish him luck.




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