My New Favorite Webcomic

… is Sinfest.

The cartooning is simply amazing. Just look at today’s strip. It’s well-observed, realistic, funny, and approachable.

The artist doesn’t just do cute animals, though. Tatsuya Ishida also tackles the immortal subject of love (in a form unique to the medium of comics) when not handling cosmic beings.

7 Responses to “My New Favorite Webcomic”

  1. Matthew Blind Says:

    Sinfest is one of my top 3 favourite web comics, and one of my top 5 favourite web *pages*, and Ishida needs all the publicity he can get. I think Dirk at Journalista said it first, but I’ll repeat it:

    If more newspaper strips were as good as Sinfest, I’d go back to reading the newspaper.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I just wish it were easier to get the books! He’s got them listed through Cafepress, but the first two show “out of stock”, and I couldn’t get the site to let me order the third.

  3. Jamie Coville Says:

    Yes Sinfest is great, one of the best webcomics I’ve seen. I’ve been reading it regularly for a few years now.

    A publisher should be printing his stuff.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    Yeah, Sinfest is indeed great. I’ve got all three collections… bought them through Diamond when they came out, so I never had to figure out where else to get them (is there a problem with just using amazon?).


  5. Johanna Says:

    The creator prices his books at $15. Amazon has them at $22. I can see a premium if they’re hard to find, but increasing the price by half again?

    If they went through Diamond, I wonder if they’re in the STAR system?

  6. ~chris Says:

    Newspapers wouldn’t get anywhere near Sinfest. Due to the religion-based humor more than the PG-rated sexual matter, I’d wager.

    This old school fan of printed comics is grateful for the collections. I too get them via Diamond at my fave comics shop. Except for the first one, which I bought from Ishida himself at the infamous Las Vegas “Extrosion” convention.

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