Transmet Reformat – Where Is It?

In November last year, DC announced that they would be rearranging the contents of the Transmetropolitan collections, with the newly packaged books due out in Spring 2007. Well, it’s spring. Has anyone seen solicitations for the new editions? (This will probably be more noticeable with the first book, which will go from a slim three issues to a thicker package.)

5 Responses to “Transmet Reformat – Where Is It?”

  1. Kevin Church Says:

    Spring doesn’t start until March 21st. You’re 9 days early.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I blame the recent 60-degree days. :)

  3. Sam Hobart Says:

    From what I’m told, DC had quite a bit more stock on the previous versions than they realized and they’re trying to sell through as much of that as possible before shifting to the new versions (to the point of reprinting limited quantities of nubmer 2 recently because of the realization that the leftovers on the other volumes weren’t going anywhere if #2 wasn’t available).

  4. Johanna Says:

    I’ve since been told that the new, rearranged versions have been delayed to spring of 2008.

  5. Still Looking for Revamped Transmetropolitan » Comics Worth Reading Says:

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