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I am not a fangirl about very many things. I don’t get carried away often to the point of “must have all of that” or “must get everything Creator does”. I make an exception, however, for the work of Cliff Chiang, who now has a website. His work is just so pretty!

Welcome also to Comics Alliance, an AOL-sponsored comic book blog with press releases and reviews. Their goal is community building (because I’m cynical, when I hear “community” I think “free user-provided content and repeat traffic with little effort”). They have plenty of message boards, although most are empty so far — which may be a function of the odd way they’re set up. They’re too finely divided to spur much conversation — there are separate boards for Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, and Highwater (which isn’t in business any more?), when those communities have a lot of commonalities and crossover. Yet I couldn’t find a board for manga during my quick peek. Ah, well, the cool thing about being online is it’s easy to respond to traffic and demand, changing focus areas as needed.

Sometimes coincidences are weird. I was talking to someone just a couple of days ago about reading webcomics. Neither one of us read very many, but he mentioned that he enjoyed one called The Wotch. Now today I’m pointed to an essay about its use of gender transformations and stereotypes. Some interesting things to think about there.

Shaenon K. Garrity writes about JSA #82, or as she calls it, the Worst Damn Comic in the World. This fascinated me, not because she’s wrong, but because I remember a day online when you would be shunned for daring to whisper a word against Paul Levitz or George Perez. Sometimes our memories are better than trying to recreate the past, I guess.

I also love that she uses lots of pictures to illustrate her points. And I will read a review of almost anything if it means getting to see a Golden Age Red Tornado story and a sketch of nude crying Superman with teddy bear.

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  1. Barry Says:

    Thanks for the Worst Comic link. That was much fun. Sadly I can think of a few others I’ve looked at in the last year or so…




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