Writer Joins Manga Worth Reading

This is a big step for me… I’d like to introduce the first regular contributor to Manga Worth Reading. Here’s his biography:

Rob Vollmar is a writer of and about comics and manga from Norman, Oklahoma. Rob writes commentary and reviews for magazines like THE COMICS JOURNAL and WORLD LITERATURE TODAY as well as having authored manga columns such as THE OCCIDENTAL TOURIST (Ninth Art) and INTERNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (Comic Book Galaxy). His favorite contemporary manga-ka include Moyoco Anno, Naoki Urasawa, and Matsuri Akino but if anyone ever drew more fabulously than Kyoko Ariyoshi, he hasn’t seen it yet.

Rob didn’t mention that he’s the author of The Castaways and Bluesman, as well as the webcomic Inanna’s Tears. I’m very pleased to have him join me in reviewing manga.


  1. Great news, Johanna and Rob.

  2. Congrats to both.

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