Vote for the Glyph Comics Fan Award

Vote now for the 2007 Glyph Comics Fan Award. You have until April 15 to select Black Panther: The Bride, Crisis Aftermath: The Spectre, Firestorm #28-32, New Avengers #22, Storm, or a write-in of your choice as your favorite black comic story.

The awards ceremony will be held during the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC) in Philadelphia, May 18-19, 2007.

Update: Beaucoup Kevin says:

The fact is that each of these selected titles, as good as they may be (I rather liked the New Avengers issue, for instance), come from Marvel or DC. For an awards show aimed at promoting diversity in comics, I think it’s a shame that only superhero comics from the Big Two were represented.

He seems to have missed the distinction that this is only the Fan Award, and there are nine others which are determined by the judges. That’s ok, it may not have been clear in the announcement.

But beyond that, he’s right. The fan-selected award nominees were purposefully selected to be those titles that most of the audience would be familiar with.

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