Ask Steven Butler About Archie Redesign

It’s a month and a half before the Archie characters as redesigned by Steven Butler debut, and the publisher is inviting the public to ask the artist about it. From their press release:

As part of Archie Comics’ podcast program, now is your chance to ask Betty & Veronica Double Digest artist Steven Butler your own questions. What would you like to know about the new look? … [S]end your questions today to and they will become part of the Archie Comics PodCast with Steven Butler.

I can’t imagine that they’ll use ALL the questions they get, and I wish they’d mentioned when the audio program (not a podcast, because you can’t subscribe to it or download it — you have to use their web player) will be posted, but there should be some interesting discussion as a result. Here are their preview pages, if you want some inspiration.

One Response to “Ask Steven Butler About Archie Redesign”

  1. Fellow Reader Says:

    Excuse me, but this new dynamic look is terrible! Aboluty nothing against Steven Butler or the writers but come on stick with the classics! I have been reading these comics ever since I was little and i admired the comedy and look of them and I wanted to be them! But now this new cheap place is cheesy and just what they think everybody wants or loves! The worst imitation yet is poor poor Jughead Jones, he looks like a pigeion! Square #15 in the dynamic “new look” “My Father’s Betrayal” this is not how i would ever see the chic Veronica Lodge. And now for the cherry on top, the Double Digest comics have gone from 3.69 or 3.99 and with the econemey NOT improving its just the greatest to raise prices! The New Look story My Fathers betrayal, i admire the story line but the new things they say are weird. So please stick with The Classic look of Betty Cooper Archie Andrews Veronica Lodge Jughead Jones Hiram Lodge Reginald Moose Midge Chuck Cheryl EVERYBODY, please no complaints just comments.




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