More on CPM’s Licensing Struggles

Several sites have been following up on the licensing dispute between CPM and Japanese publisher Libre in which Libre claimed CPM’s translated editions were illegal and asked fans not to buy them. has a followup statement from Libre and sympathy for their appeal, echoing the call for a CPM boycott. (Seems premature to me, but then again, the only CPM book I’m really looking forward to hasn’t been published yet and may never be.) Libre claims that CPM is relying on agreements nullified by predecessor company BIBLOS’ bankruptcy.

Journalista takes the position that Libre should have gone to court instead of the public.

There’s further discussion at Precocious Curmudgeon, in which Simon Jones (he of the good discussion but NSFW site) argues that Libre’s claim is so basic that it’s likely true, while Lyle sensibly asks how/whether Japanese bankruptcy law differs from American.

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