Yay Vertical!

Not only does Vertical put out classic manga, they also publish puzzle books. And the lovely and wonderful Anne sent me a copy of O’ekaki.

I loved these puzzles, which I think were called Paint by Numbers when they appeared in Games magazine. You use logic to figure out which little boxes to fill in, and at the end, you have a picture! Given my recent mood, I appreciated the methodical approach and the feeling of creativity and accomplishment (however illusory) at the end. And Anne even thought to include a pencil! Thank you so much.

2 Responses to “Yay Vertical!”

  1. Nat Gertler Says:

    And at least this is the importation of a puzzle type that is actually Japanese in origin… as opposed to “Sudoku” and “Kokuro” (although I am glad to see the latter succeed, in that it makes books of them available after “Cross Sums” books had become harder to come by.)

  2. Brad Tree Says:

    Johanna – For a large selection of online version of this puzzle, you may want to try this site out, which my wife has enjoyed for a couple of years. http://pbn.homelinux.com/pbn/

    Later – Brad




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