Contest: Make a Comic Milkshake

Caleb at Every Day Is Like Wednesday wants to know what you think would be in a Wonder Woman milkshake.

Now, a Green Lantern Salad, an Aquagirl Fish Sandwich, and a Teen Titans Chili Dog all sound somewhat self-explanatory. But what exactly was a Wonder Woman milkshake?

I’m just glad he didn’t go with the obvious gutter reason the women had milkshakes named after them. And ew on the fish sandwich connotations.

I do like the idea of a milkshake garnished with a Peep, though. Just to look at, not to taste.

12 Responses to “Contest: Make a Comic Milkshake”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    Milk Shakes and Fish Sandwiches? Um, OK.

    I mean, yes, the “Super Burger” *could* mean Supergirl. And it’s not like a green salad is all that manly. But does anyone in the DCU proper even know there is an “Aquagirl” these days? (Heck, with all the changes OYL, *is* there an Aquagirl these days?)

  2. Matthew Craig Says:

    So they have to LOOK like the character?

    I mean, surely a Wondershake should contain…I dunno, Milk and honey, or something.

    …or is that too on the nose?


  3. Hal Shipman Says:

    In that the Wonder Woman recipe, that Superman ice cream would be a nasty brown the minute you put it in the blender. Ugh.

    Basking-Robbins used to have a licorice ice cream that would give you the black color he’s looking for. It wasn’t quite as nasty as you might think. Still kind of nasty, though.

  4. James Schee Says:

    Is it unpc to say ground up kanga has to be a part?:)

  5. caleb Says:

    Damn it, you’re right!

    That may explain why the Amazons are riding giant lions in all the Amazons Attack ads and previews and not their traditional mounts–kanga is good eatin’.

  6. Johanna Says:

    Matthew, I think looking is too much to ask for, myself. I certainly wouldn’t want a black milkshake, ugh. Milk & honey is a great idea.

    The way most companies brand things, in the real world, I’d expect to see a regular old milkshake with a straw with a WW on top. Minimal effort, you see.

  7. Matthew Craig Says:

    Surely a straw with Wonder Woman on it would look too much like a…a “novelty dancer”?


  8. David Oakes Says:

    Damn, Johanna stole my idea. (Can’t miss a CPU cycle in today’s fast paced comics bloggosphere!!!)

    Caleb is overthinking the whole thing, worried about looks, and especially about flavor. This is an amusement park, “food” is something that comes out of a machine at the press of a button. The only recipe is “open container, pour in back of machine.” And the only way to differentiate which “flavor” you get is by a gimmick. Inspired by his use of Peeps, I went with toy straws.

    For Wonder Woman, a two sided straw that you spin between your hands. On one side, and image of Wonder Woman. On the other, an image of uh, “Lynda Carter”. (You have to wonder what her carrer looks like in the DCU. Well, I have to.)

    For Black Canary, a straw that doubles as a whistle. Very loud and prone to misuse, which means that parents will hate it. So of course it will be a kid favorite!

  9. Lyle Masaki Says:

    One recipe I could see working at a amusement park kiosk would have softened french vanilla ice cream (yellow) with a big ladleful of strawberry and blueberry sauce. Give it one quick stir and you have something that’s simple to make, easy to equip and yet has enough of a wow factor to make it feel like something special.

    As for black sweets, purple is often considered “close enough” to black, especially when concentrated… so maybe a Black Canary shake could similarly use french vanilla ice cream with grape soda concentrate. (Which sounds kinda gross, but the kind of thing kids would go for.)

  10. Evan Waters Says:

    I’m thinking strawberry/banana (the red and gold of her costume.)

    A Black Canary milkshake could be blueberry flavored, I’m thinking.

  11. Stephen Says:

    The Wonder Woman shake should come with one of those cardboard cup covers you get for coffee covered in silver-foil (bracelet) and a yellow curly straw (the whip). For added authenticity it should taste like it’s made out of clay.

  12. Johanna Says:

    Matthew, I meant the two-letter logo, but I can see why that wasn’t clear.

    Lyle, as always, you’re the food expert. And you’ve reminded me of an old-fashioned drugstore that used syrups to make milkshakes, including a grape one.




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