Am I the Only One…

… thinking there’s not much going on in comics right now? I know I said blogging was going to be light, because I haven’t had time to read any comics in the past two weeks or so, but I was hoping that there’d be some neat links I could send your way, dear readers. No one’s talking about anything interesting, though, at least in my opinion, and news is very light (and will be until convention season starts in a couple of months).

(I’m reassured a bit by seeing that Steven Grant is having the same problem.)

What am I missing? What have you discovered about comics recently that was new or interesting or caught your attention?

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  1. Brigid Says:

    It has been a pretty quiet week in the manga world, but there’s a big webcomics plagiarism/name-calling scandal going on. Fleen has been covering it pretty well (start here and then go here and here for the updates).

  2. Thom Says:

    Aside from the Goldman art stuff that exloded yesterday? Not much exciting going on.

  3. Augie De Blieck Jr. Says:

    In an effort to boost my job search, I’ve not read half as many comics as usual in the last month. I’ve been knee deep in technical manuals.

    And I’ve learned that that’s OK. I don’t miss the comics. I still read the ones I want to read. I’m not experimenting or going out of my way for new titles, but that’s OK. I can enjoy my hobby on its own merits in its own time and space without feeling the need to “work” at it for the sake of the column.

  4. Steve Flanagan Says:

    The only bit of news I’ve come across that hasn’t hit the newsblogs yet is the planned reissue of the Barbarella books. Hardly Earth-shattering, but they are interesting period-pieces.

  5. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    I think this is the time when you turn to the unheralded and underrated gems you love and give them the spotlight.

    ie: Amelia Rules! #17, the double-sized anniversary issue came out yesterday, which inspired me to also pick up the first two HCs of the series. Great stuff!

  6. James Schee Says:

    It is kind of a slow time of year for news. DC and Marvel are doing “big event stories,” but that’s hardly news.

    There are some solid new reads out, not only has Hikaru No Go put out a great new volume. Yet Divalicious’s first volume was funny, and had some great subplots.

    Andi Watson’s new project for DC’s Minx line looked really good, so I made sure to preorder it.

    Oh and I was glad to hear that DRAMACON creator Svetlana Chmakova has a new series coming. Even though I never heard of Yen Press, and hope it isn’t too horror centric as their other series seem to be.

  7. Tom Stillwell Says:

    Ummm…I’m writing a comic about burning babies on lawn jarts.

    Not really, but it would make for a good news item.

    “Yeah, burning babies! You read that right, fanbois! Crawl back to your mamma’s basement!”

  8. Bill D. Says:

    I picked up The Professor’s Daughter at NYCC and was pretty much completely blown away by it, which turned out to have an unexpected downside: when you read something that good so early in the year, everything else can’t help but come up short. So as a result, even the stuff I enjoy still leaves a “meh” aftertaste.

  9. Matthew Craig Says:

    I was on the BBC at the start of the week. Forty minute radio interview covering comics history, local talent, my relationship with the medium as both fan and creator, and my recent graphic novella TROUBLE BRUIN.

    Thats a…kind of news…

    If I can get hold of a copy of the interview, I’ll be putting a transcript up on my site (cross all digits, True Believers!).


  10. Johanna Says:

    I saw some of that Goldman story, but I wasn’t sure what there was to say about it — plagiarism is bad, especially when you’re making a lot more money than the creator off of their work?

    Ooh, Barbarella. I’ve only seen the film, but what cheese!

  11. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Matthew, for the time being, Carl Chinn’s April 9 show is being archived here

    Is that where you appeared?

  12. Matthew Craig Says:

    Tim: unfortunately, that’s Sunday’s show with the wrong date attached – Carl’s regular timeslot.

    The Monday show was a Bank Holiday bonus show, and the Listen Againsters didn’t want to have two shows up at once.

    My show was wiped after 24 hours. And I gave them 36 before inquiring.

    And the only people that I could find who recorded it – a professional firm of media monitors – wanted £243 for a copy on CD. Which, well, I can’t afford.

    I’m hoping that one of the other guests has taped my segment along with theirs. But Sod’s Law follows me around like a shadow.

    Cheers for looking, though :)


  13. Barry Says:

    I walked into my local comic store for the first time in a few months and found a few things of interest. A new graphic novel from Jason Lutes and Nick Bertozzi about Houdini, that I plan on picking up:
    A collection of John Byrne’s first 8 issues of Alpha Flight that I had always wanted to read (I was briefly out of comics when it first came out) which I bought and the 2nd issue of the new Buffy series, which was fun.

    Otherwise, yeah, there’s not much going on this week or it seems to me, for the last year or so. Is it me, or has the comics world settled into a comfortable (in other words, boring) groove after a few years of major change in the first half part of the decade? Graphic novels are no longer a novelty and are a regular fixtures in bookstores, comic book movies are being released it seems every few weeks or month, comics continue to hold on to the respect once denied them by mainstream media and academic institutions, manga is still going strong in the U.S. and unfortunately, the faux-realism and overall bad writing and art introduced by Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas back in 2000 seems to be the norm. In other words: boring. Seems to me it’s time for a shake-up…

  14. Barry Says:

    “and unfortunately, the faux-realism and overall bad writing and art introduced by Joe Quesada and Bill Jemas back in 2000 seems to be the norm.”

    I should say, seems to be the norm in the superhero genre.

  15. Ray Tate Says:

    I think White Tiger is simply fantastic. The writing is just so damn good. It’s not written like a comic book. It’s written like a novel with foreshadowing, characterization that has a sense of history and really good plot twists. The art conveys the words brilliantly. I’ve highly recommended every issue, yet it’s prowling under the radars of most post people. I blame the outbreak of Big Stupid Events. They’re just sucking up all the space on the racks and the news.


  16. Lea Says:

    It’s not just you.

  17. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the encounter group. I appreciate the comic recommendations, and when I get some time to read, I may check some of them out. I’m glad to know it’s not just me seeing a lack of news and similar items to talk about.

  18. James Schee Says:

    While not comic related, I did find it interesting to read about a national sports talkshow host who encouraged listeners to overload and thus shutdown a blog that talked bad about him and his show.

    It made me wonder why a comic pro hasn’t tried that yet, given some of the immaturity I’ve seen from some from that quarter, but then no one pro probably has enough fans to do so anyway.

  19. Barry Says:

    I can see Bendis’ or Byrne’s fans doing that sort of thing.

  20. Tim O'Shea Says:

    James is talking about ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd. Yes, real name. He replaced Tony Kornheiser a few years back.

    I was glad to see ESPN’s new ombudsman (Le Anne Schreiber, a former NYTer) took him to task for this latest crap.

    …Shortly after introducing myself to ESPN’s audience in my first column Thursday, I checked the ombudsman’s mailbag. It was jammed with dozens of messages of outraged complaint against ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, who had called on his listeners that afternoon to shut down an Internet site by flooding it with visitors beyond the capacity of its bandwidth.

    The “random site” he chose to attack was, a sports blog that is sometimes unmercifully critical of ESPN. “We shut it down in 90 seconds,” Cowherd boasted on air. “We don’t even know thebiglead.” After a bit more gloating, he said “We apologize — but just don’t screw with us.” Then he asked his listeners to “knock it out again, just for fun.” The attack launched over the airwaves by Cowherd kept shut down for more than 48 hours.

    Some of the politer terms my correspondents used to describe Cowherd’s behavior were immature, irresponsible, arrogant, malicious, destructive and dumb. I agree.

    And just to keep this comics related, I know for a fact that Tom Beland and I are fans of Tony Kornheiser.

  21. James Schee Says:

    Thanks Tim, I knew I’d read that but couldn’t find a link when I went back to look for it.

    Another comics news item, which I haven’t seen covered. Target has apparently stopped carrying comics? While only a small sample, 6 stores in a 100 mile area, the comics seem to be gone. While DC didn’t have much of a prescence beyond a couple of Superman & Batman related trades.

    Marvel had a number of titles including the Target exclusive magazine sized Adventures/All Ages titles. (Mary Jane and Parker’s Avengers titles were big ones for me)

    Perhaps this is only in my area though?

  22. Johanna Says:

    That’s a good question. And it reminds me of something I noticed locally: Books-A-Million no longer carries stapled comics, only manga and collections. I think the format’s too damage-prone (especially when they’re more browsed than bought) to justify the space.

  23. Barry Says:

    I’ve never personally seen any comics in my local Target in New Jersey, but they’ve always had a very small book section. Yesterday I saw both graphic novels (poorly organized as usual in bookstores) and stapled comics in a spinner rack and my local Borders.

  24. Tom Beland Says:

    Tim…. I so miss the Underground. That was freakin’ brilliant. It allowed the internet audience to hear what was being said during commercial breaks.

    My favorite moment was when Tony was speaking to the coach of some team going up against New England. He gave the guy a lot of support and wished him the best against the Pats on Sunday.

    The first thing you hear Tony say when they go to commercial was “He’s gonna get slaughtered.” I nearly fell out of my chair. Great stufff.

  25. Tim O'Shea Says:

    Tom, there was nothing quite like the Internet version of the ESPN show.
    (Background can be found here, for those not knowing what we’re talking about)

    Speaking of the Internet show version’s demise, it was discussed in a subtextual sense last week on Kornheiser’s Washington Post radio show as he discussed the Imus situation. Kornheiser was supporting Imus out of a misplaced sense of loyalty (some of his first national radio appearances were on Imus), but Kornheiser’s co-hosts (David Aldridge of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post Writer Liz Clarke) were convincingly challenging his stance, understandably. The discussion was some of the best debate on the whole matter that I ran across. I download the show to my Ipod and have yet to hear Friday’s show.

    I was hoping dragging your name into this might get a fun response, thanks for not dashing my hopes. :)

    And to get back to comics–I’ll soon be interviewing Tom Beland–once I get my questions to him (sorry Tom!)

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