Things Are Looking Up… Free Chocolate

Mom and Dad and I got together today for lunch and a bit of shopping. Dad wanted to go to a famous name preppy clothes store that makes a big deal out of tradition and how they’ve been selling classic styles for centuries. Once there, we discovered that they no longer stock normal-fitting oxford cotton shirts. Instead, everything’s cut for slim fit… which means they’re charging twice as much as the other stores for their brand-name clothes that only fit men under 35. That is SO misunderstanding their market, which is guys like my Dad who want to replace the shirts they’ve worn for decades with the same thing and have plenty of money to do so. Stupid store.

On the way out of the mall (excuse me, open air lifestyle shopping center), Mom and I dragged him into Godiva to see what’s on sale. We both made desserts for weeks out of the half-price Valentine’s boxes last time we went, but the selection this time was just leftover bunnies. However, they were doing a scratch-card instant win game this weekend only.

Mom won the grand prize, a year’s worth of their new Chocoiste line. It turned out to be “Pick any four small packs or bars off that table for free. In a month, you’ll get a coupon in the mail to come in and do the same thing again, and so on for a year.” But still, free chocolate. And then she turned around and gave it all to me! I love my parents. And I highly recommend the Godiva flip-top tins of dark chocolate pearls with mint.

4 Responses to “Things Are Looking Up… Free Chocolate”

  1. James Schee Says:

    Cool news on the candy thing!

    That is strange about the store and shirts for your dad though. It is an odd trend I’ve noticed though. I have to watch when I buy shirts to make sure they aren’t the slim fit, as I don’t like my shirts being that form fitting. (I’m 6′ and weigh about 175, so while I’m not big I’m not exactly cut either)

  2. Chad Anderson Says:

    If I’m right about the store you’re referring to (one of the Big Brothers of retail?), they do still stock regular-fit Oxford shirts (I bought a couple this past week), they just have a ginormous infusion of the slim fit right now. In recent years they’ve been chasing a younger clientele with some updated styles, and I assume all the slim fittiness is a part of that. Personally, I hate that cut; feels straightjacket-y to me, especially when combined with the slightly stiffer no-iron fabric I can’t live without anymore.

  3. Chris G. Says:

    Simple, straightforward men’s clothing can be nearly impossible to find. Last summer I had to go to 8 stores before finding a pair of khaki-colored shorts that didn’t have giant, baggy cargo pockets or hang past my knees.

  4. emily Says:

    i get as much choc as i like my dad works for nestle and they give me loads of bags of broken chocolate




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