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Has anyone seen an issue of Geek Monthly? I ask because I had a lovely chat with a woman writing for them yesterday as part of a piece they’re preparing on women comic bloggers. I’m afraid I wasn’t as much help as I’d like to have been (me = bitter and jaded, she = excited about growing online communities), but it sounds like it’s going to be an interesting overview.

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  1. Tommy Says:

    I have the issue from two months ago with Kristen Bell on the cover. If you want I can send it by KC Wednesday so you can check it out. It’s a decent magazine. I dug it.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Cool, that would be great, thank you!

  3. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    It has potential, I guess, but the one issue I saw — with the aforementioned Bell on the cover — lacked a compelling hook. Felt like a generic Men’s mag with the usual departments, and features that lacked a bite.

  4. Dan Traeger Says:

    Johanna, Geek monthly is the newest venture by Mark Altman, so if you liked Film Threat or Sci-Fi Universe, you’ll probably like Geek Monthly. I don’t particularly care for Mr. Altman’s business practices, but I did kinda like Geek monthly. It’s sort of a cross between Wired and GQ.

  5. James Says:

    I have to agree with Guy. I have the most recent issue and was unimpressed. I feel most of the content from the magazine I care to read can be found online for free and, quite frankly, from better/more interesting writers.

  6. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    I have yet to see an issue, but I’d be interested in checking out the article on women comic bloggers. Did she mention what issue it would be in or when it would come out?

  7. Tim Leong Says:

    I posted some intial thoughts when I picked up the Bell issue. Here. Honestly, the mag is pretty bad. I sat down one Saturday to do a review of it but after an hour of writing I realized I hadn’t come up with any positive things to say about it. Geek certainly has potential to cash in on that market, but the overall content, editing and structure of the magazine is particularly weak — which is disappointing to me, since I’d love to read a magazine like that. If it were good.

  8. Johanna Says:

    Dan, I’ve never seen either of the other two you mention, so unfortunately, no help there, but thank you.

    Lisa, no, I hope to hear more when it gets closer.

    Thanks, everyone, for your feedback. I’m sorry to hear it hasn’t been better received.

  9. Karen Healey Says:

    Sarah Kuhn? She interviewed me too, and she really did sound very lovely and enthusiastic.

  10. Lea Says:

    Sarah Kuhn is a total sweetie.

    I’m finding that making friends with and keeping company with enthusiastic younger people is improving my outlook on comics considerably. They don’t know anything about the dramas and grudges we do, and that makes it easier to focus on what’s fun and rewarding about making and talking about comics.

  11. Nina Says:

    I want to like it, but the first two issues seem to be Maxim for nerd boys. I’m hoping they get away from that, which is why I am foolish enough to keep giving them money.

  12. Johanna Says:

    Karen, that was her name, thank you! If I could only get a week to myself, my brain might start working again!

    Lea, all too true, and an important reminder.




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