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Marvel’s launched a sweepstakes: win a walk-on in one of their movies (link no longer available). Normally, one sees these kinds of things in relation to a particular promotional effort for a specific film. Kind of weird to just see it dropped out there all by itself. Maybe they need to build a mailing list for something.

Dungeon and Dragon magazines are ending. I feel like this is some kind of end of an era, just because I’ve actually heard of those titles even though I’m not a gamer, but maybe that’s just a recognition of marketing. The stated reason has to do with competition from the internet. (Left unspoken is the immediate assumption that sales are down because people can get similar material for free online.) Last issues are due in August.

And, of course, the Eisner Award Nominations were announced. As is the case every year, the judges have the ability to add, drop, or alter categories, and they’ve made some changes this year to keep the awards relevant.

The big two I noticed: the comic magazine award is now “Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism”, which means that the Comics Journal is up against their own weblog, Journalista (and a big congrats to Dirk!). Also, they’ve split the translated material category, carving out a manga award called “Best U.S. Edition of International Material–Japan”.

Also highlighted in the press release:

Led by multiple nominations for Alison Bechdel (Fun Home), Renee French (The Ticking), and Tove Jansson (Moomin), female creators garnered more Eisner Awards nominations this year than in any previous year, with some 24 nominations for 20 creators. One of the female creators, 8-year-old Alexa Kitchen, is the youngest Eisner nominee ever

Always nice to have a dad with connections! Seriously, my question next would be 24 out of how many? 20 out of how many? I don’t have time to count right now, but what are the percentages? Is it under 10% of the field? 20%?

The overall list is long and overwhelming, with so many different areas of the field granted recognition. That recognizes the scope of the medium, but it’s also a lot of work to get through. My congratulations to the judges.

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  1. Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Says:

    That’s disappointing but not surprising about Dungeon and Dragon. I cancelled my subscription to the latter a couple of years back after a second editorial restructuring dulled my interest despite being at the peak of my D&D playing. Ironically, it was WotC’s own D&D web site that made a lot of the magazine’s content reduntant.

    With Marvel ramping up their web site over the past year or so, and DC presumably preparing to do the same, you have to wonder how that’s going to affect Wizard magazine over the next year or two. Newsarama already makes it kind of redundant, and their own web site seems to be as much a competitor as a complement.

  2. Lisa Jonte Says:

    Dragon Magazine was a fixture in my college life. Weird to see it go away, even though I haven’t read it for years.




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