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I love it when people put together posts like I would but better. It saves me so much time!

David Brothers explains what’s wrong with Nightwing Annual #2. I was similarly astounded at the mercy f**k scene where Dick sleeps with Barbara one last time before telling her he’s engaged to someone else. I can’t conceive of any possible combination of circumstances that would make this a good idea, either from the character or writer perspective. (Artwise, sure, let’s find excuses to put attractive people in bed with each other — that’s what makes comics “mature”. snicker)

I don’t even want to mention a flashback to Robin hiding his arousal behind his cape. How unnecessary. It just makes me embarrassed for everyone associated with this project. Worst of all, after reading the comic, I don’t even know the answer to the question that motivated it: why aren’t Dick and Barbara engaged? I think there was some faux-noble thing about her sending him off with the boys, but it was so last-minute implausible that none of it stuck with me.

Meanwhile, John Jakala posts naked Walking Man in response to recent brouhaha over how much realism art should have in terms of male anatomy under spandex. The posts he links to sum everything up if you’ve missed it so far… but you haven’t missed much.

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  1. caleb Says:

    Wait, did I misread it?

    I thought that the “mercy f**k” scene was the first time Dick slept with Barbara (following their first kiss, which she initiated). So I assumed that they both found themselves suddenly experiencing something they’d both wanted for a long time and, in Dick’s case, it was the wrong time for it, but he was gonna go ahead and realize his years long ambition anyway.

    But yeah, he probably could have held off a bit on the invite, huh?

    I don’t remember what happened with that at all. Did Raven like show up posessed by Trigon when the preist asked if anyone had any objections, or something…?

  2. david brothers Says:

    I just realized that Dick Grayson cheated on Starfire with Babs, which makes the whole works even more sleazy.

    I think that Raven showed up and magicked the priest’s head off or something, making it so that they never actually got married, but I’m so unfamiliar with Titans lore pre-Johns that it’s criminal and I’m probably wrong..

  3. Johanna Says:

    Caleb, that may be true, but Dick’s a superhero. One of the first-tier inspirational ones, even. Regardless of whether he’d wanted it for years, his duty and the right thing to do was NOT give in. It’s called willpower.

    Kind of screws with the story about how much he and Starfire were in love, too.

    I don’t recall why they didn’t get married either. So many superhero stories are like that — the premise is much more memorable than how they got out of it back to the status quo.

  4. caleb Says:


    Definitely agree that it wasn’t terribly heroic on Dick’s part. But then, the bar on “heroism” is contantly being lowered at both of the big two these days. I guess at least his unheroic act was scummy on a personal level, and didn’t involve, like, mind-altering or interdimensional Gitmos or anything.

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  6. Jim Perreault Says:

    I finally got around to reading the annual. Dear God was it distastefull. Not just the mercy / cheating sex scene, but I disliked the whole premise.

    I was under the impression that the relationship between Babs and Dick was a pretty recent thing. Having it so that they were always an item strikes me as a major retcon, and one that makes Dick pretty sleazy.

    Am I mistaken?




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