Sheena Relaunch Wisecrack

Sheena #1 cover

Sheena #1 is relaunching from Devil’s Due with a bunch of alternate covers, but they all show how progressive her jungle is: somewhere in all that foliage, she can get body glue! How else would she keep that costume on? The first time she moved from one of her poses, things would pop out.

What do you mean, that’s what they’re hoping the reader will think?

Alternate punchline: hey, she’s been raiding Vampirella’s closet! Only she’s updated the red to oh-so-chic animal prints.

4 Responses to “Sheena Relaunch Wisecrack”

  1. Ray Cornwall Says:

    How many of the intended readers of this title do you think understand the physics of real-world cleavage?

    I had a fantastic teacher at the University of Delaware for Business English. Upon learning that I was a comics geek, she wondered if Sheena was still publishing (this was in 1992, so no), as it was her favorite comic as a kid. I’m not sure if she’d pick this up.

  2. Marvin Mann Says:

    Sadly, despite real-world physics, the artist will probably never actually get to draw her busting out all over. What fun is that?

  3. Flaming Dork Says:

    Ray, I think your teacher MIGHT pick this up. Does she enjoy watching busty women grapple closely with large phallic-shaped monsters?

  4. toby Says:

    I hope to see the return of Sheena. Yes! Sheena should be dressed as sexy as is legal in the jungle.
    I would like to see her meet Tarzan, Shanna, The Phantom, and Mowgli.




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