Mr. Fantastic Is
April 26, 2007

Fantastic Four movie picture

All those who were worried that Citizen Steel was showing too much, you might want to beware of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie: apparently Mr. Fantastic really is.

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Ed Sizemore writes:  

I guess if the fanboy response is too severe they can always CG out his crotch for that freshly neutered look.

hosting writes:  

Fantastic Four… great movie when is the new one coming out any way?

Ray Cornwall writes:  

Obvious joke #1:
“Well, he IS called Mister Fantastic…”

Obvious joke #2:
“How else do you think a nerd like him landed Sue Storm?”

Obvious joke #3:
“Wait, I thought Ben Grimm was the hard one…”

(Johanna’s going to delete these, I can tell…)

caleb writes:  

Wait, wait…there’s a joke in here about his strecthing and shape-changing powers, I just know there is… Um… Ah, screw it. The moment passed.

Lisa Jonte writes:  

I hear that having genitalia is set to become all the rage this season. Kudos to Mr. Fantastic for being so fashion-forward and proudly declaring his gender amongst the Neuterati.

Tintin Pantoja writes:  

Oh Horatio, I’d love to blow your horn.

Johanna writes:  

Ray, why would I delete these? My last two blog posts have focused on dicks and tits. I’m not really able to take the high ground today. :)

Ray Cornwall writes:  

Woo hoo! Johanna’s working blue today, kids!

SwanShadow writes:  

Fantastic Four? Heck, looks more like a Fantastic Eight!

Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Have you tried the buffet?

Lyle Masaki writes:  

Obvious joke #2:
“How else do you think a nerd like him landed Sue Storm?”

Now, c’mon, Mister Fantastic may be a nerd but he looks like Ioan Gruffudd!

James Schee writes:  

See all I can think is that the CGI person must really like him.:)

Augie De Blieck Jr. writes:  

And THAT’S why their costumes are made of unstable molecules!

Nat Gertler writes:  

“Remember, it’s not the length of the wand that counts, but the magic that’s contained inside.”

–Doc Strange

Lea writes:  

I got nothin’.

Rafael (Brazil) writes:  

I love the movie Fantastic Four! I like Invisible Woman! The photo’s movie is bad! The movie is good!


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