Supernatural Cross-Promotion

It appears DC is getting a chance to take advantage of some of their Time-Warner sister company connections… their Supernatural: Origins spinoff miniseries will be mentioned on the TV show with a 15-second plug on the next two episodes. There’s also a promotional website on the CW site with preview pages and the comic shop locater number.

I just hope that the comic is well-done and provides some of the appeal viewers get from the show, so that readers are rewarded for seeking it out. Does the comic have a good quota of pretty boys?

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  1. carpboy Says:

    A promotional spot aired during last week’s (Apr. 26) episode. While I’m obviously not the target for the advertisement (since I already read comics and knew about this one), I gotta say it was a pretty low-budget local-furniture-store affair. A grim, fairly boring voice-over from Jensen Ackles (“Dean Winchester” one of the leads) and some quick pans over the comic.

    I’ll probably try picking up the first issue, but I’m not terribly hopeful about it.

  2. Johanna Says:

    Not hopeful? Why not?

  3. Libby Says:

    If you want to what some more Supernatural fans think, here’s some links:

    LiveJournal response to the CW website preview (scroll down to the comments)

    LJ response to the preview back in February

    The official Supernatural:Origins thread on

    I really liked the previews, so I’m definitely buying it. The art is only okay, but the writing is GREAT. I can’t wait to read more stories about John Winchester and little Sam and Dean. :D

  4. Johanna Says:

    Thanks for the links! It looks like there’s lots of enthusiasm out there.

  5. Lew Newmark Says:

    Hi Johanna.

    I was in my local comics shop last Wednesday, and went seeking this title. Found it, flipped thru the pages and immediatley put the comic back on the rack. The art was just hidious, which just prohibited me from laying out the moolah for the comic. I guess I’ll have to write a post about comics and bad artwork.




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