USA Today on FCBD Peanuts

Courtesy of the Fantagraphics blog:

USA Today FCBD image

USA Today’s Free Comic Book Day coverage focuses on the Unseen Peanuts as “the first Peanuts comic book in 40 years”.

3 Responses to “USA Today on FCBD Peanuts”

  1. Nat Gertler Says:

    Which, to some workable definition of “comic book”, it is. There certainly have been plenty of books of Peanuts comics in that time, but not in the traditional American comic book format (i.e., non-self-covered staple-bound pamphlets about this big with 24-64 pages of contents, primarily multi-paneled comics.)

  2. Johanna Says:

    Oh, I wasn’t questioning it, just highlighting the achievement. It’s a great hook.

  3. Lisa Lopacinski Says:

    We have already received a couple of calls from it! Our local media in WI hasn’t bothered to do any FCBD stories, so at least the USA Today is getting us a bit of attention.




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