A Different View of the Spider-Man Film

Thanks to Dale for sending along this link: coverage of the original Spider-Man movie script. “Coverage” is when someone summarizes and evaluates a script to determine whether it’s worth making, so it’s an interesting evaluation of the material from a practical filmmaking point of view. Here’s an excerpt I particularly appreciated:

Though SPIDER-MAN’S dialogue is quite natural, it is also often lackluster, to the point that memorable and pithy trailer moment lines will be hard to come by. A polish aimed at punching up the dialogue is highly recommended.

Though virtually all the characters in SPIDER-MAN are well-rounded and have more than enough screen-time, one character is not so fully developed. Mary Jane Watson has no complete story line, no achievements all her own, and no arc. She is simply pretty window dressing. She starts as a poor kid picked-on by her parents, she gets passed around from one rich young man to another, then, after a barely touched-on attempt at the acting profession, she ends-up working at a greasy spoon. She develops no further from there, and is left to languish at the greasy spoon even unto the very end of the story. Her only change comes from her new-found love for Peter, which simply isn’t enough. In a script which so carefully follows the progression of Peter Parker, wimp, to Peter Parker self-actualized superhero, MJ’s lack of growth is truly disappointing.

I haven’t seen the new movie, #3, yet, because I still have to watch the second in the series. We have the DVD around here somewhere.

2 Responses to “A Different View of the Spider-Man Film”

  1. Tintin Pantoja Says:

    That bit about Mary Jane would apply to the second and third movies as well. Definitely disappointing from a WFA kinda view.

  2. Tommy Says:

    The second movie is the best of the three. Better character development and mary jane isn’t nearly as one diminsional. I think 3 would have been better without Venom or Gwen. They packed WAY too much into this flick. Sandman could have carried the movie on his own easily as the effects and the actor involved were pretty much perfect. The black costume and emp Peter Parker would have been more acceptable if it had been more of a gradual change instead of all at once. This movie could have been the perfect setup for a S-M 4 featuring Venom instead of the mass of mess it is.




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