Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 6

The Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 6 opens with three short pieces that do an excellent job of reminding the new or forgetful reader of the appeal of the series.

Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 6
The Complete Omaha the Cat Dancer Volume 6

The first originally appeared in a Munden’s Bar Annual, set in the world of GrimJack created by John Ostrander. Omaha winds up in the bar while hiding from cops on a raid and winds up dancing for the patrons. I’d never read anything else set in Cynosure; if I had, I might have gotten more out of the story, but as it is, it nicely demonstrates Omaha’s casual attitude towards her body, skills, and profession.

The next four pages are two untitled shorts from The Erotic Art of Reed Waller. The first is pure sex, with Omaha and Chuck getting it on while watching sex videos; the second, a one-pager, illustrates a joke frequently made about morning excitement.

These pieces make for a good start, since once the longer soap opera starts, it takes a while to get back to our title character. Call girl Joanne gets a new client to keep her; Rob and Shelley patch up differences and compare notes on conspiracies; and Omaha’s still off trying to find herself in a new town with a new boyfriend. Since she’s still working as a stripper, that allows for the requisite naked ladies, as we watch some of her co-workers perform.

The big revelation this volume happens when Chuck’s mother tells the gang her history with Charles Senior and the murdered Senator Bonner. Meanwhile, Omaha finds her old life and her new one meeting. Plus, there’s a short story in which Rob goes on a dance date with Geoff. The two dog-headed men make an adorable couple in this redrawn tale reprinted from an issue of Gay Comics.

I believe the series will conclude in volume 8, so it makes sense that this installment is working on bringing all the pieces together in preparation for the coming climax and resolution. A thoroughly enjoyable chapter in the ongoing sexy soap for adults only. I have previously reviewed Volume 3.

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  2. Ray Cornwall Says:

    I have the original 6 volumes, and I know that these newer editions will eventually contain newer material. Does this edition contain some of that new material, or is that not until book 7 and/or 8?

  3. Johanna Says:

    This edition is all reprint, based on the indicia. The new material might not happen until 8, with the promised ending.

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