Tania Gets the DC Girls

Friend of Blog Ed got this amazing sketch from Tania del Rio.

Sketch by Tania del Rio

I love the way she captures the characters’ personalities so well in accordance with their logos.

6 Responses to “Tania Gets the DC Girls”

  1. David Oakes Says:

    I *love* the sweater. In fact, I love the fact they are all in clothes, and that all of the clothes are a different style.

    But shouldn’t Barbara be on the Ba-, I mean Cat-Phone?

  2. ~chris Says:

    If Tania ever leaves her Sabrina gig, would DC please please please get her to write and draw Supergirl? In fact, get her to do a one-shot right now!

    That’s a Salem-Phone, BTW.

  3. Johanna Says:

    David, great point about the diversity of dress. So much can be revealed about a character that way, and so few artists take advantage of it.

    I think Wondy’s on the phone because she’s so good at communication. Bat’s too cool for that, with those shades.

    Chris, I wish! Although Tania’s diary comics are also a great avenue to explore.

  4. Ebenezer Says:

    Personalities? Do you know any actual humans?

  5. James Schee Says:

    Is that Barbara on the end or the new Batwoman?

  6. MangaBlog » Blog Archive » Thursday morning news Says:

    […] del Rio re-imagines the DC girls at Comics Worth Reading. Also: Ed Sizemore reports on the Smithsonian’s Manga to Anime […]

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