There But For Grace We Go

Dan Vado, head honcho of SLG Publishing (formerly Slave Labor), encourages contributions to the family of Tom Artis. Not only do they have to deal with his demise, but before that, there were severe medical problems, housing damage, and theft.

It’s a terrible situation, and Vado makes it personal by pointing out how likely similar situations are for most comic industry professionals. It’s heartbreaking.

This story could be about me someday, it could be about anyone who chooses to work in this business who did not jump to upper echelon and make a ton of money. Even if you did make a lot of money at one point the lack of job security in this business can eat through savings real quickly and leave you with nothing to take care of yourself when the unthinkable happens. And, really, the unthinkable ALWAYS happens. …

I have high blood pressure and sometimes I think I am one phone call from Diamond or Disney or some other maddening business “partner” away from stroking out. … The comics business is not a place to be if you want a lot of financial rewards or job security, and maybe that’s okay for a younger person, but once you get to my place in life and start to see how a decision made 20 years ago comes home to roost when your older. I am 47 years old, I don’t remember being 37.

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  1. Tim O'Shea Says:

    As a man less than a year away from 40, reading “I am 47 years old, I don’t remember being 37.” just chilled me. And I will be donating. Thanks to all bloggers who have gotten the word out.




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