So Many Comics by Women!

Just a reminder: there’s a very large number of comics created by women out there. I’ve just finished updating the list to include new reviews and titles. Suggestions continue to be welcome.

5 Responses to “So Many Comics by Women!”

  1. Tintin Pantoja Says:

    Hey Johanna, I just wanted to lend my support. Despite you being attacked on your blog and others for the recent ‘Gendered comics’ kerkuffle, please don’t stop posting on ‘controversial’ issues. We desperately need measured, rational discussions on gender and comics, and posts like yours are in the minority. Don’t give up!

  2. Lisa Jonte Says:

    …no web comics list?


  3. Johanna Says:

    Thanks, Tintin, I appreciate it. (And I love your art!)

    Lisa, I don’t have the knowledge to put one together, sadly. I’m happy to publish or link to one if someone else does the work.

  4. Lisa Jonte Says:

    Hmmm… Give me some time and maybe I can get one together.

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