Betty Drives Again

In January, Betty Cooper competed in a NASCAR race in Archie #572. The publisher apparently considered it a success, since they just sent out the following announcement of a sort-of sequel:

Reaction to the story, “The Fast Track to Success” from ARCHIE #572 was so positive, we had no choice but to bring back the latest auto-racing sensation. In the story “Crash Course” from ARCHIE & FRIENDS #112 the saga of radical teen racer Betty Cooper and the Lodge Racing Team pit crew continues!

Fresh from her thrilling victory lap in the pages of ARCHIE #572, Betty once again dons her racing duds and puts the pedal to the metal Danica Patrick style! Has the makeshift pit crew finally become a well-oiled machine? Can Betty still out-race the overconfident male drivers? There’s only one way to find out — race to your nearest comic book dealer and head for the finish as you read this fast-paced tale! This is one full-throttle sequel that is sure to rev your engine!

I’d love to “race” down to pick it up, but Archie & Friends #112 is scheduled to ship August 8. Three months is a long time to let the motor idle.

I’m not surprised Archie’s finding success with racing-themed stories, though; the NASCAR audience seems like a good market for their conservative (in the non-political sense) stories.

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