Buckaroo Banzai Collection Announced

Buckaroo Banzai cover

Moonstone Books has announced that the collection of their recent Buckaroo Banzai miniseries, Return of the Screw, is due in September. Along with the three comic issues, it will contain

a TON of extra goodies:
-character files!
-unused covers!
-alternate ending!
-production designs from the unfilmed TV Movie!
-a brand new interview with Banzai’s creator Mac Rauch!

It better have some bonus material for a list price of $17. (The price of the 3 issues as a set would be $10.50, but the extras take the book up to 120 pages.) The cover shown here, by Lee Moder, is quite eye-catching, and if I recall correctly, much better-looking than the insides.

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