Shojo Beat 2nd Anniversary Sweepstakes

Viz is celebrating Shojo Beat‘s second anniversary with special content, a party, and a contest.

[The] special July 2007 issue contain[s] an exclusive 23-page excerpt from manga titan Osamu Tezuka’s groundbreaking series, PRINCESS KNIGHT! The series, which has never before appeared in English, debuted in 1953 and is widely credited as the first example of contemporary “shojo” manga, or comics for girls. It remains a defining benchmark of the genre.

SHOJO BEAT’s second anniversary issue will also include an exclusive full-color poster from the hit manga NANA by Ai Yazawa, and a celebration of all things summer with a summer reading list, articles on summer food, music, and festivals, and a collection of sexy shojo beach scenes by some of the most notable artists in the genre. The July 2007 anniversary issue of SHOJO BEAT goes on sale nationwide on June 5.

Those “sexy beach scenes” make me a little nervous… unless it’s the guys getting displayed in swimsuits.

But wait! There’s more!

VIZ Media will also hold a special SHOJO BEAT 2nd Year Anniversary Party at San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum on June 15, 2007. Novala Takemoto, author of the hit novel KAMIKAZE GIRLS (the basis for the manga and live-action movie by the same name), will be the guest of honor. Guests at the gala will also be able to view the museum’s special exhibition Tezuka: The Marvel of Manga, the first exhibition of its kind in the U.S. to showcase the work of Osamu Tezka.

SHOJO BEAT is currently holding a sweepstakes that fans 16 and older can enter to win an invitation to the gala. Information and entries are available until May 18. Fifty contestants (with their guests), will be selected by VIZ Media to receive the Anniversary Party invitations. Complete rules and entry dates are listed on the web site. Also set to attend are a variety of SHOJO BEAT advertisers and sponsors who are active in the Japanese pop culture retail arena and related aspects of manga, videogames, anime and J-Pop. The event will feature a variety of exclusive movie trailers, manga gifts, CDs, raffle prizes and an editor’s table where fans can talk one-on-one with VIZ Media manga editors.

Sadly, the prize is tickets only, no travel expenses, which makes it aimed at local-ish folks (California area). Bummer.


  1. So does this mean Viz is going to publish Princess Knight? *I hope, I hope* I know it’s old school but it’s one I’ve been hoping to see since I first read about it.

  2. Kiki, I second that wish. I can’t count the number of references I’ve seen to Princess Knight. (My dream is to have a complete library of all Tezuka’s works in English) I hope the Tezuka exhibit is a traveling exhibit and will be making its way to the DC area.

  3. Kiki, that’s a great idea, but I’m sure it depends on sales and response. This might be a kind of “test run”.

    Ed, you and me both. I’d love to know more about the creator and his works.

    Is PK one of the first cross-dressing shojo?

  4. Johanna, PK would be the first cross-dressing shojo.

  5. Speaking of cross dressing heroines, do you think Viz will run a chapter or two of Rose of Versailles for Shojo Beat’s next anniversary? :)

    With the Le Chevalier d’Eon anime and manga out there now, maybe we finally will get Princess Knight, Rose of Versailles, and another one I’ve really been wanting to see – Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun (at least that’s what I think it’s called).

  6. I’m not familiar with all of those, but I join you in hoping that we get to learn more.

  7. […] out the birthday party that Viz has planned…it includes the publishing of a portion of Princess Knight, which I was […]

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