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Fantagraphics is printing more Unseen Peanuts, the hit of Free Comic Book Day… but only for themselves, for promotional use and conventions.

What a great idea — a blogger’s mom comments on the FCBD comics. My favorite quote, out of a number of gems:

This isn’t the Wolf-Man I remember. [studies the book for a moment] He looks so different. What about the Wolf-Man your brother used to read? Ohhhh. That was Wolverine.

She liked Whiteout best.

This made me laugh, because when I first saw it in the comics, it took me a while to figure out it was a purple woman’s torso. I liked the infection one best.

Alan David Doane briefly looks back at how the comic internet has changed since 2000.

I’d like to think Comic Book Galaxy was at least in some small way a participant in the total revolution that has occurred in the comics artform in the past few years. I don’t know that we need to push as hard as we used to, I think the tipping point has passed, maybe around the time Time named Fun Home the book of the year, correctly. But seriously, it seems like a lot of the work I thought we were doing has come to fruition, all to the betterment of good comics. … a new approach is called for. None of the old methods seem to be working for me anymore.

Hey! Authorized fanfiction isn’t just for comics any more! Most disturbing comment: that an early contract version prohibited “acts or references to incest, miscegenation, or sex between two people of the same sex.”

When Marvel sent out a press release that began

Hulk has returned to Earth for “World War Hulk” and now he must deal with his best friend Rick Jones–but where does Rick stand? Is he with the Hulk or has he joined with those who oppose the Green Goliath? These answers and more come in the all new Incredible Hulk #108, which will feature a different story than solicited, allowing for the previous story to now appear in Incredible Hulk #109.

I don’t think they wanted me to title it “Marvel Already Using World War Hulk Fill-Ins”. I do like the creative team, Greg Pak and Leonard Kirk, though. It’s on sale July 25.

Conventions are not effective for building buzz, concludes Von Allan. He also includes figures that suggest a small portion of writers get the majority of the sales, just like a small portion of actors get the huge salaries and so on.

Josh Neufeld is creating an online graphic novel called A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge, dealing with the events of Hurricane Katrina. The chapters only appear monthly, but they’re chunky. Print publication is planned to follow when complete.

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  1. Dave Carter Says:

    Last week’s Diamond shipping update had a ton of shipping changes for WW Hulk and related tie-ins; not just delays, but some issues moved up on the schedule as well. I wonder if these are all production-related, or if there’s been some reconfiguring of the main story? I suspect maybe the latter since, unlike Civil War, the creators on the main World War Hulk comic don’t have a reputation for lateness.




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