Superhero Comics Worth Reading

Because Willow asked, and I refuse to get a livejournal account just to respond, here are some truly outstanding (in my opinion, of course) superhero comics. Some are even from DC and Marvel!

Let’s start with my favorites, both tour de forces of creative achievement:

The still-lamented Milestone titles:

Fresh takes on icons:

Independent publications:

Big-Company Twists:

And then there’s the recurring Good Superhero Comics column, for coverage of non-book-format issues, and the series I love, Love and Capes.

5 Responses to “Superhero Comics Worth Reading”

  1. PPD Says:

    TOTALLY SECOND Secret Identity and New Frontier!!

    Gods and Mortals is OK, but not on the amazing level of those two, or works of genius like Nextwave.

  2. Tintin Pantoja Says:

    Oooh, may I suggest Batgirl Year One? That book totally stunned me- even after I’d given up on spandex comics. It’s a positive portrayal of a young woman who conquers her own fears and defies the male authorities in her life to be true to herself. She’s also surprisingly drawn like a real teenage gymnast- ie, small frame and breasts. Who’da figgered!?!

    Also, Harley and Ivy Miniseries (coming out this summer). A bit heavier on the cheesecake, but the characters are so entertaining and strong on their own terms that I would totally root for this as a feminist book. Also, female friendship (and the accompanying dangers thereof) is the main theme.

    As a plus, there’s very little you need to know about the existing DC continutity to understand these books. I should know, I have no clue what’s going on in DC and I still love these books.

  3. Tintin Pantoja Says:

    THIS Batgirl, not the scary one that doesn’t talk.

    And Harley & Ivy.

    Can you tell I absolutely love these books and won’t let the matter drop? :)

  4. Kitty Says:

    I would also recommend Starman, especially the first four collections. I loved that take on superheroics (particularly its themes of family and heritage/legacy).

  5. Rob S. Says:

    Batgirl: Year One is terrific. And the art, by Marcos Martin, Alvaro Lopez and Jazier Rodriguez, is beautiful, and reminiscent of Steve Rude’s work.




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