2007 Glyph Comic Awards Winners

The Glyph Comics Awards were announced at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention yesterday. Here are the winners.

Story of the Year
Stagger Lee, Derek McCulloch, writer, Shepherd Hendrix, artist

Best Writer
Derek McCulloch, Stagger Lee

Best Artist
Kyle Baker, The Bakers

Best Male Character
Stagger Lee, Stagger Lee; Derek McCulloch, writer, Shepherd Hendrix, artist; inspired by the life of Lee Shelton

Best Female Character
Thomasina Lindo, Welcome to Tranquility; co-created by Gail Simone, writer, Neil Googe, artist

Rising Star Award
Spike, Templar, Arizona

Best Reprint Publication
Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda, First Second; Mark Siegel, editor, Alexis Siegel, translator

Best Cover
Stagger Lee, Shepherd Hendrix, artist

Best Comic Strip
The K Chronicles, Keith Knight, writer and artist

Fan Award for Best Comic
Storm, Eric Jerome Dickey, David Yardin & Lan Medina and Jay Leisten & Sean Parsons

It was a near-sweep for Stagger Lee, a terrific book. I previously commented on the nominees.

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  2. david brothers Says:

    This is cool news, and I’ll definitely have to check out Stagger Lee. A run like that is impressive.

    Baker totally deserved Best Artist, as well. I finally picked up Nat Turner v2 and Cartoonist this past week and the man has been at the top of his game for years now. I just want a copy of Captain America: Red, White, and Black now.

    I’d planned to attend ECBACC, but a cross country move and new job happened to be this week and that had to take priority. There’s always next year.

  3. Carol/Klio Says:

    I’d planned to attend ECBACC, but a new job and a cross-country business trip knocked everything off kliter. Isn’t that always the way?

    (And I’m always glad to have this blog as a way to keep up with news when I’m otherwise preoccupied.)

  4. Steve Flanagan Says:

    Thanks for the results, Johanna.

    Stagger Lee is a fine book. It’s up for an Eisner too (just the one nomination, though, I think). My review is here.

    I hadn’t encountered Templar, Arizona before. Lord, but it’s hard to follow a sustained narrative as a web-comic, particulrly if the pages are vertically oriented! I’ll have to keep an eye out for the print version

  5. Fred Weaver Says:

    Wow, Stagger Lee really cleaned up at the Glyphs. I guess I better check out the book that beat American Way (a new favorite of mine) for Best Story.

    I’m also surprised Storm won the Fan Award considering all the complaints about the Black Panther/Storm romance. I guess people calmed down and realized it was a great origin story for the Windrider.

    Next year, I REALLY need to get to Philly. ECBACC sounds like a lot of fun.

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  7. Jennifer Says:

    I’m surprised that Storm won the Fan Award simply because the book was damn awful. But I’m happy that Storm was recognized.

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  9. Johanna Says:

    I sometimes wonder, in cases of fan awards, whether they’re voting for the specific story/comic or just the character. But that’s the kind of thing you’ll never know.

  10. Fred Weaver Says:

    To Jennifer,

    I recently gave a Storm hardcover as gift to a friend of mine. She’s really enjoying it so far. I should note that my friend is more a novel reader (e.g., Eric Jerome Dickey books) than a serious comic reader.

    I think that’s the other thing to consider. That readers checking out the book because of Dickey, the X-Men films or both have different expectations than long-time fans of the X-Men comics. So, my friend’s positive reaction to the Storm HC makes sense in that regard.

  11. Fred Weaver Says:


    I should have closed with “And these different expectations may also account for why Storm won the Fan Award.”

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