Kitchen Princess Book 2

This volume opens with a sequence that makes clear Najika’s dream, to be the world’s best pastry chef in memory of her parents, and reveals a previously unsuspected connection between her and the two brothers most popular at her school. Class has gotten worse, with her rival ramping up the hazing, until the result is a cooking contest challenge.

Kitchen Princess Book 2 cover
Kitchen Princess Book 2
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If Najika wins, she’ll be accepted and her talent respected; if she loses, out she goes. It’s Iron Wok Jan with a decidedly girly overlay. Her cooking, out of love and a desire to see people happy from her food, must be shown to have value.

As in the previous volume, the recipes were my favorite part of the book. The world needs comic cookbooks! Also amusing was a short sequence where Najika demonstrates her other unusual talent, the ability to eat a lot without consequence: she wipes out an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant.

The second half of the book becomes more serious, with model Akane revealed to have the unhealthy attitudes about food typical of her profession. That’s a valuable subject for a food series aimed at teen girls to explore. For me, Akane is a more interesting personality than the lead character, and she has more depth and nuances to explore. She’s also a fun villain to hate, since her meanness toward Najika is so blatant.

I’m not sure I’ll continue with this series. It’s entertaining enough, but it’s fluffy and forgettable (like so many of the mousse items and drinks Najika makes). The volumes already feel familiar, even as I’m reading them for the first time.

(A complimentary copy for this review was provided by the publisher.)


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  2. I read these series recently, but I read only volume 1 and volume 3. I really really want to know what happens in volume 2 and who that prince is. What number does this series end?

  3. There’s at least four books, I think, but it’s still running in Japan, so I don’t know if that’s final. There may be more.

  4. Thanks. :] I hope there’s more.

  5. Accutaly theres 5 so far, I love this series I hope she finds her prince…

  6. i know! i really do hope she does. This series is just too cute.

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  8. I am really looking forward to the second book. I just got the first book and finished it.=^.^=

  9. I just finished the 4th

  10. The series has 6 books and I kinda know how it ends…

  11. no, so far the series has 7 books…. i`m not sure if there`ll be more though.

  12. yeah, 7. I’m pretty sure.

  13. 7 books?! ehh, i’m only on 2, cuz i can’t find it anywhere. -O-;;

  14. What 7 I am only on 3. Man i wish our book store had them. I only own one right now i hope to own them all though.

  15. i just finished reading five, because a new Barnes & Noble opened up. The series is getting really good. :D

  16. I’m only on 4 and awaiting 5. i really wanna know what happens!

  17. there are only 4 books right now

  18. i am on book 5… i cant find book 6 any where…

  19. Book 6 is due out in early May.

  20. no there are 8 books as far as i am concerned

  21. I only read 2 but at my libarary we have all the books so im going to read them all soon i cant wait.

  22. I collect the book until finish..

    For najika,,

    Good Luck!!!


  23. I like the storyline, but I feel the characters are too…I don’t know how ot explain it, but…anyways, It’s an awesome book.

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